Turn Your Next Flight Into a Breeze With These Smartphone Apps

If you feel as if you are taking your life in your hands each time that you have to take a flight, perhaps you could find some solace in this article. We know that for some individuals, air travel is anything but invigorating, in fact it can be downright terrifying and that is a real shame. It has been proven that air travel is safer than crossing the street, yet these facts do not seem to make it any easier. So how about employing some technology into this troublesome equation and looking at a bit of relaxation at the same time? We have found 2 very slick applications from your favourite platforms that are designed to chill you out to the max whatever it is that you are doing. We are convinced that you can find some much needed solace within these silky soundtracks and hope that you can try at least one of these during and before your next flight.

This App will run on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and it will require iOS 5.0 or later for smooth running. So, if you haven’t already heard about Juju & Jordash, now is the time to start! These guys are musical geniuses who really know how to provide the best chilling soundtracks for the times when you simply need to tune out for a few hours. The liquid visuals that are provided by Paul Skawanski are just as relaxing and when you combine the two, you are in for a real treat. The music is generated in such a way that it never ends and the loops are so slick that you will pretty quickly start to relax whether you like it or not. We would definitely suggest that you download this puppy before your next flight and you make even need a wakeup call after the plane has landed!

This App will run on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and it will require iOS 6.0 or later for smooth running. If you are interested in some really atmospheric tunes that combine with some really cool rotating shapes, this will be right up your street or flight path! Whilst you are kicking back to the almost hypnotic sounds of Ecclesia, you can use the touchscreen to rotate the shapes as you wish. Although this is essentially a post-religious dichotomy, the non-believers out there will enjoy the overall experience just as much. Church music has been around since, well, since forever, and this latest exponent certainly brings us all up to date with a really cool product. If you have a thing for delicate and dense melodies combined with forward-driving electronic magic, you’ll fall in love with Ecclesia. We would suggest that you don’t use this application until you actually get on the plane because you just may relax so much that you miss the flight!

Ready To Board?

We believe that either of these pair will certainly make your flying experience anything but stressful- Enjoy!
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