Kickstarter Printers That Your Business Needs!

If your business relies on being able to respond to the client’s needs and has a strong development brand to promote, you probably already have some 3D printers in place. These are incredible appliances and some of the functions available are truly exceptional. However, as with all high-tech products there are a few drawbacks. The main issue with 3D printing at the moment is the high cost of these machines and the other problem is that many of the more efficient models are simply not that easy to operate. In fact many of them look a little too fundamental to grace the floors of a modern office space. Anyway, we have unearthed a treasure chest of possibilities over at the kickstarter website. Please see what you think of these 2 beauties and maybe you can get yourselves a slice of something pretty special, before the rest of your competitors get to hear about them!

If you were looking for some inspiration regarding the possibilities of installing an attractive and versatile 3D printer in your home, school or workplace, look no further! RAPPY is a fantastic example of what can be created with a little intelligent thinking and a lot of technical know-how. This bad boy comes to you at an entry level price and has lots of features that much higher priced models seem to lack. Instead of a stepper motor, RAPPY has a DC motor and this is partially why the cost is so reasonable in comparison. The DC element is far more energy efficient and can also offer dynamic characters with ease. It also employs a feedback control system that self-corrects any errors in the system just as a robotic appliance would do. The unit itself looks very attractive and would look great in any environment, and you can’t say that about the majority of 3D printers on the current market. The feedback control system allows RAPPY to deal with disturbance rejection and this can resist external shocks as well internal mis-tracking issues. We’d advise you to take a closer look at the link and you’ll soon see why we rate this 3D printer so highly.

No matter how awesome your 3D printer happens to be, the variables of the surrounding area can often cause a real problem for the sensitive equipment needed to power the printer. SO how about having a very specifically engineered case surrounding your rather delicate 3D power plant?  The Maker Kase has been made especially for this purpose and it really does the job in a superb manner.With the bespoke lighting and STC heating unit, you have a really cool cabinet that would not look out of place in any arena. The cabinet deals with venting issues and has so many optional extras that we’d never fit them all into this article. Instead we would love it if you could check out the link and see if this is the missing piece in your 3D printing puzzle.


Well, on the basis of these 2 exceptional projects, we would say that you should take your printing shopping list over to Kickstarter as soon as possible.

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