5 Little-Known Factors That Could Affect Your Massage Therapy Website

As a massage therapist, you know how crucial it is to have an online prescience. Your own website will attract new clients, build your income and promote your services. The great news is that making your own website is free, quick and easy. The folks over at SmashingApps.com have even done the hard work for you. They listed the 7 best online website builders that let you create your own website for free. To save you a click, they ranked ‘Google Sites’ as the best free way of creating websites. If you have a Google account, there’s nothing stopping you. Or is there?

The Problem With ‘Free’
The vast majority of free massage therapist websites receive no visitors. Free websites have awkward domain names, limited access and bland templates that look the same as millions of others. Many therapists just like you struggle to attract any new clients to their free sites. Here are five little-known factors that could affect your site. How many are you aware of?

#1. Does Your Site Have An Appointment Calendar?
As a therapist, your website needs to convert visitors into clients. If your website doesn’t have an appointment calendar, why will visitors stay? Calendars let your clients book and pay online yet they aren't a feature of most free websites. Consider paying to upgrade your site to include calendars. You can save time, reduce ‘no-shows’ and pamper your customers with a convenient booking experience.

#2. Do You Have An Image Library?
Getting high-quality photos, images, vectors and videos on your site can be a real challenge. You can take your own pictures but then your site looks unprofessional and lacks credibility. You can buy royalty-free media but this can become expensive. If you rely on free images, your customers may have seen them before. One reason to consider upgrading your site is that you gain access to an image library of professional photos. You can use these on your site to suite your personal taste.

#3. Do You Offer Gift Certificates?
Many free sites do not offer gift certificates, yet research by the
University of Michigan shows that certificates have a huge impact on visitors’ engagement with the websites they visit. Researchers also pointed towards the appeal of cash as a major reason why visitors completed surveys. If your existing website doesn't allow your clients to redeem gift certificates or print money-off coupons for your services, you are missing out. It’s worth upgrading your site, or switching to a provider that lets you offer these incentives. 

#4. Do You Have A Blog?
Blogs are great for informing your existing clients, attracting new clients and boosting your search engine rankings. If your website lacks a blog, it will be harder for clients to find you. Consider upgrading your site to one that allows a blog.

#5. What Search Engine Optimization Are You Doing?
If the answer is little, or none, you aren't alone. Many therapists do not realize the importance of SEO in terms of getting their website on the first page of a search engine’s results page. Therapists who switch to a turn-key massage therapist website find that they receive more visitors and book more clients thanks to built-in SEO assistance.

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The author of this post, Nancy Baker, is a freelance blogger who is currently writing for Bodysite Builder, a website for massage therapists. She is a tech and health enthusiast and she likes to keep herself updated with the latest trends. You can also follow her on Twitter @NancyBaker.


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