5 Apps That Simplify Watching Internet TV On Your iPhone

In spite of the fact that your iPhone’s screen can’t compare to the 60-inch smart TV you have installed in your home theater room, sometimes it’s the perfect gadget to get your ‘viewingfix’. iPhones are portable, convenient and you always carry one with you; not to mention that with the right app and subscription, you can be certain to never miss your favorite show regardless of where you are. Let’s review some of the best iPhone apps you can download to turn your device into a mini-TV.

If you already subscribed to HBO Go via your cable service provider, then the good news is that you don’t have to pay anything extra to watch network premium content on the go. The app comes with an attractive interface that is easy to use: after logging in with your cable provider account, you can immediately use the app’s several browsing options to find your favorite shows, movies, documentaries or comedy specials. If you know what you’re looking for, you can utilize the search function to find your favorite content. In case you’re not sure about what you want to watch, then check out the featured content page.

Hulu Plus

Offering a solid and extensive library, Hulu Plus is more than a mere iOS version of the popular Hulu website. For starters, unlike the parent site it, doesn’t integrate Adobe Flash, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues. In addition, it includes considerably more new episodes and full-season runs than Hulu. The app is very well designed and provides you with numerous ways to sort out your content through the library. Moreover, the streaming is crisp even when you use WiFi and above decent on 3G.

Showtime Anytime

Showtime Anytime works in a similar manner to HBO Go. To be more precise, if you have a subscription to a premium pay-TV channel, then you can log in and start watching your favorite shows. It is necessary to mention that the app won’t work with just any internet connection and your cable provider must be included in the app’s list. While this is a big setback, customers who can log in have an impressive app at their disposal, featuring a sleek interface, lots of content and the possibility to view their favorite shows at their own pace and time.

T-Mobile TV

If you want to be able to watch TV on your iPhone and you’re a T-Mobile subscriber, then you should try the provider’s mobile TV app. Even though the offers start at $5.99 for a basic pack, you should know that T-Mobile grants a 30-days free trial for the service, more than enough time to decided whether you’re satisfied with the quality of the stream and content.


Designed by giant cable provider Comcast, XFINITY TV allows you to watch TV stations that you already have in your package. Unlike the other apps in this list, XFINITY TV allows you to download content for offline viewing, provided you have free space on your mobile, of course. Moreover, it allows you to control your DVR and access the On Demand options via WiFi.

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