Did I Hear You Mention Kitchen DIY? Not Without These Smartphone Apps!

If you are brave enough to take on a whole kitchen DIY project on your lonesome, you deserve a round of applause. In fact it would be fair to say that you probably really know what you are doing, or at least you should do. Tackling a kitchen remodelling job is far harder than any other room in the house, except perhaps for the bathroom. But did you know that you might actually find a little expert help in the shape of your favourite Smartphone Apps? Yes, they have an App exactly for this job, and in fact there are a bunch of them. We’ve found a few of the latest ones here and offer an unbiased review for your perusal.

Mark On Call By M.O.C Interior Designer LLC

This App will run on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and it requires iOS 4.3 or later for smooth running. Okay, who exactly is Mark and why the heck is he on call? These are two very pertinent questions that deserve an answer. Well, Mark is the chap who developed this very cool DIY App, Mark Lewiston to be precise. He has assimilated a complete DIY ‘Bible’ that certainly covers most of the tasks you will need when doing that problematic kitchen of yours. In fact you can pretty much take care of the whole of your home with this fabulous piece of kit on your side. Mark on Call will help you to calculate those tricky dimensions and has a host of room design ideas onboard. Shopping lists and inventories are all covered as well as a myriad of ‘HowTo’s’, this App has the lot. Just don’t be surprised if you end up doing the bathroom as well, we’ve warned you!

The Kitchen & Bath Channel By Z promotion & design Inc

This App will run on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and it requires iOS 5.0 or later for smooth running. This bad boy App will sort out your kitchen woes and is kind enough to offer some help for your poor old bathroom as well! There is no doubt that tackling your kitchen was never going to be easy but many of us seem to forget this fact. Instead of stumbling on until the inevitable happens, why not grab this App from the ‘getgo’ and show that room who the boss really is? There are more than 15000 contributions from professional kitchen remodellersonboard, surely one of them has the solution for your own dilemma? You’ll get hundreds of ‘HowTo’ videos with a really clear set of instructions for each clip, and the DIY disaster remedy section will be right up your street. We’re not suggesting that you will fail miserably without this clever little application, but you’ll cut down those odds by a fair chunk with this beauty on your side.

Kitchen 0 Apps 2
Okay, you’ve got 2 killer Apps and that kitchen does not stand a chance so get back in there and show it who’s the boss!

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This article is authored by Nancy Baker, is a freelance blogger who is currently writing for Tri State Stone, a natural stone company. Nancy is passionate about gardening and maintains the garden at her home whenever she gets time. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.


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