5 Horror Movies Plots That Current Technology Would Ruin

Most of us are never going to combat psychopaths or deal with ghosts haunting our home. Though they probably won't ever face these or other dangers, people get a kick out of the adrenaline rush of horror cinema. But have you ever considered how so many of these macabre situations could be prevented? Why is it that these characters never get cell service? And why does no one have new flashlight batteries? Here are five terror-infused movies where the plot wouldn’t fly in today’s tech-savvy setting:

The Ring

The Ring features teenagers inexplicably dying seven days after watching a mysterious tape. That’s right, I said “tape,” as in VHS. Not even hipsters keep these things around. If this plot-line were current, this haunted dinosaur would stay buried at Goodwill. 

Funny Games

In this 1997 home invasion meta-horror piece, two young men wreak psychological havoc on a family on their own turf. With a note of impending doom, the captors knock the house phone into a full sink. But if this were 2013? There are three cell phones in this house, baby. These boys won’t last long in jail.

One Hour Photo

In an uncharacteristic role, Robin Williams plays Sy, a lonely photo developer who obsesses over a happy family and, eventually, gets much too involved with a camera and a knife. Not much explanation is needed here though – when was the last time you took your film to the store for development? Sy’s probably out of a job.


Spielberg’s 1982 horror hall-of-famer is sometimes considered the evil twin of E.T. Of course, technology certainly doesn’t make ghostly possessions obsolete, but however the evil gets in your house now, it’s probably not from the snowy static on your TV. Digital cable and Netflix just aren't as darkly foreboding. 

The Strangers

The most chilling element of this film is the antagonists’ lack of motive when a couple is tortured in a vacation home by masked, you guessed it, strangers. However, high-tech security companies like Vivint home security would hamper these killers in a huge way. Faced with automated door locks, video surveillance, and a plethora of other safety features, these strangers would likely go knocking elsewhere. 

Sometimes it’s a burden to be tied down to your cell, and we may gripe about how technology seems to run our lives, but when it comes to ghosts, killers, and little girls crawling out of the TV, we can definitely be thankful for modern gadgets. Next time you curl up in your home in a little town like Frederick, MD to watch a horror flick, just remember that thanks to modern devices, many of the potential dangers of the past have been eliminated while new ones have developed.


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