Three Cool Android Apps for Lacing Your Shoes

Our footwear can say a lot about us. When you look at someone's shoes, you can often tell what type of life they lead. If they wear boots, for instance, then they most likely have a tough job that requires protection and barriers from the elements. A pair of high-heels may illustrate a business or otherwise white-collar type of life, while tennis shoes may show off the casual side of a person. In the past, shoes were much more important as most people did not have the resources to buy multiple pairs. As technology has permitted, shoes have become much cheaper and helped facilitate a range of styles never before seen. One way we can customize and add new life to our shoes is with different lacing designs. If you want to vary up your laces, then continue reading to find out about three Android apps designed to help you with this task.

Lacing Shoes Lessons
Shoe Lacing Method

If all of the shoes in your closet are still laced up with the same styles that they had when you bought them, then you probably do not know how to do various types of lacing. After all, if you did, then why wouldn't your shoes already reflect this? No worries, though: the Lacing Shoes Lessons app for Android devices is here to help. Available on Google Play for free, the Lacing Shoes Lessons app contains dozens of popular lacing styles in its data-banks and helps users find the perfect ones for their needs. Once you have settled upon a particular lacing style, you can then see step by step instructions that will walk you through the process and help you achieve any style in just minutes.

Lacing Shoes
Lacing Shoe

Nobody can be expected to remember all of the various lacing methods out there, but that is why the Lacing Shoes app for Android is such a life-saver. Users can download this app for free from Google Play and immediately enjoy the benefits that come with having dozens of different lacing styles on demand. Whether you want to lace up your boots with an army lacing method or do zipper lacing for a tighter fit, the Lacing Shoes app can help. You can even save specific styles with instructions as screenshots to any memory card on your Android phone. Whether you are going out for a hike or heading to the club, the Lacing Shoes app can ensure that you have a style that fits your needs.

Lacing Art
Lacing Art

The last app on this list, Lacing Art, can be another great way to explore various lacing styles from one centralized location. Users will be able to peruse dozens of different techniques that can come in handy for a variety of purposes. Whether you want to be functional, attractive or just different, there is a method in here for you. Available for $1.00 from Google Play, Lacing Art includes videos, detailed descriptions and photos that will walk you through the process of lacing any pair of shoes. Be sure to download this app today and liven up your shoe collection!

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