Technology Science Geeks Will Love This Christmas

I love science, but I'm not easily turned one way or the other on gadgets. It takes something unique or truly innovative to get my attention. I looked long and hard for these items. They're amazing to me, and I'm sure you will be just as impressed with these gizmos as I am. 

Technology Science Geeks Will Love This Christmas pic

Beard Trimmer With Laser Guide

Trimming a beard just got a lot easier and a lot more fun with the Norelco Beard Trimmer. Not only does it have a laser guide, but it has 17 lock-in settings, a LED display to set the length you want and detail combs. This will help a man who’s serious about his beard to spend less time with the barber.

Mr. Roboto Kit

This kit will inspire the science geek in your children. Mr. Roboto is compatible with Arduino kits. Some simple soldering is necessary to complete the kit, making it that much more fun. Mr. Roboto is a valuable tool in teaching basic programming. Readme files are available with Mr. Roboto to enhance learning.


Mercury is fun to observe and experiment with. But how many of us know about gallium? This silvery metal has a melting point of about 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Below that temperature it becomes a solid. But holding it in your hands will cause it to melt. Gallium isn't toxic, making it safer to play with than mercury.


These are just cool looking. The idea came from researching ways of developing self-contained ecosystems for space travel. Inside these crystal clear globes are water, a plant that resembles a tumbleweed, and shrimp. No one really knows how long the bacteria and algae lives, but the shrimp go for about three years.

Dino-lite Microscope

Less is more even when it comes to microscopes. At you’ll see microscopes that fit in the palm of your hand. They come in models with magnifications as high as 400x. The Dino-Lite can be interfaced with PC or Mac for viewing or storing data and they can be outfitted with stands for ease of use inside. These are also great for taking out into the field.

Most of us have a little science geek in us. It’s just a matter of finding what sparks our interest. The variety of these five items should help inspire an interest in someone you love.


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