Six Great Gadgets to Help Your Small Business Run More Efficiently

Running a small business can be tough. Most business owners need all the help they can get. One way to make your operation more efficient is by investing in useful technology. Below is a list of six gadgets that can help make your small business run more efficiently.

1. A Portable Scanner

Portable scanner
Bulky scanners take up a lot of space and are tied to a single location. One way to increase your business’s efficiency is to purchase a portable scanner. You will be able to immediately scan paperwork no matter where you are.

2. An Envelope Printer

Preparing and sending out mail can take a lot of time. One thing every business owner should have is a quality smallbusiness envelope printer. It will allow you to print out your envelopes extremely quickly and standardize the entire process for you and your staff.

3. A Smart Phone Credit Card Swipe

Being able to easily make business transactions is obviously paramount to running a small business. Thankfully, you no longer have to invest in incredibly expensive infrastructure to process credit and debit card purchases. Instead, you can simply add a card swipe to your tablet or smart phone.

4. Car Checkup

Car Check up
Car Checkup is a device that can plug into the diagnostics port of any car produced after 1996. It will then produce detailed information regarding that car’s mileage. This can be very important for accurately calculating depreciation of company vehicles. The tax savings can be quite significant.

5. Quality Webcams

Teleconferencing was once a very expensive part of doing business. However, thanks to the advent of Skype, this has certainly become a thing of the past. With the use of some quality webcams, nearly any business can teleconference at any time with very little overhead.

6. A Professional Grade Firewall

These days, information is very important. For a small business this includes things like customers’ personal information, trade secrets and other sensitive data. All this digital information must be protected. Unfortunately, the built-in firewalls with most generic routers are not powerful enough to survive every situation. Instead, consider investing in a professional grade firewall for your business.

Technology can do a lot to improve the efficiency of a small business. To find out what gadgets will work best for you, examine how the different components of your operation could be improved by the introduction of new technology. If it saves you time and money in the long run, the investment will be worth it.


Yes, It's really so amazing gadgets like portable scanner , Envelope scanner and smart phone credit card swipe. These gadgets are so helpful for all who run the small businesses.

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