Security Provider NSA Becomes The Cell Phone Tracker

Cell phone tracker, other spy software and hundreds of spy gadgets has been popular and known to be used by hackers to track cell phones and computers to locate the target. Many of you must have also aware of NSA – National Security Agency which has also been tracking and spying on US citizens under the name of national security. This point is quite old and has been claimed by many; this has also been filmed in one of the Will Smith movie “Enemy of the State”.
NSA tracking US people
NSA originally establish and meant to spy on foreign intelligence agencies like RAW, ISI and MOSAD but it has been claimed by many about NSA spying on US citizens indeed.

National Security Agency –NSA, can easily spy on internet traffic related to Google, telephone call logs with every possible details, and even they can track a switch off phone. And telephone companies are assisting NSA for this kind of tracking operations.

The American government has present the section 215 which is the patriotic act as a defense for tracking its own citizens. The NSA has certainly crossed the line and forced a common people to think over privacy over security.
NSA: From security providers to cell phone trackers
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