Why Blogging Has Become So Popular

Blog or web blog are the informational and discussion site published on internet, consists of number of articles/posts displayed in timely fashion. Blogs were initially used for individuals and to express their feelings, thoughts or skills but later by 2005, it has become so popular and started using by large companies as well to interact with website users and offering them news or discussion. It was meant to be a web publishing tool for non technical users, but today used by every profession or individual due the two major offerings,
  • Free web publishing tool which does not require any coding knowledge
  • Free hosting (you don’t need to purchase any hosting (Google blogspot and Wordpress are the two most popular free blog providers)

Blogs has few more interesting things to check such as,
  • Easy to add widgets, they are available free
  • Comments to interact with readers
  • Integration of social media features

Now, blogs are used by individuals to business and media to politics to spread the voice in no time.

Graphic from: blogskinny.com

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