Why Blogging Career Can Be Awesome, Make Your Choice Now

It’s been a superb journey for me to get into the blogging career, so I thought of writing it in my simple words on why one should choose blogging as a career, the most frequently asked question around me.

Not at the beginning of internet but I started blogging in 2008, just as a book of tips for myself but later I realized to share it with other internet user with the motto of sharing information and making technology live forever. I still live with the same motto of "Sharing knowledge is caring future technology". I never thought of earning through blogging, but my hobby earned me automatically.

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Blogging gives me wings to fly, I am independent and open to explore myself to any extent and not limited to any domain. No matter which type of blogger you are, they are professional and dedicated to deliver information as a true entrepreneur...

+ Self employed Bloggers

Self employed bloggers are self-disciplined, they have to make their own rules to rock on the web and maintain their lifestyle and motivation by their own. They work full time day and night to, think less about earnings and work more for internet visitors but they earn out of their honesty easily.

+ Part time Bloggers

Part time bloggers are the employed user for some organization but they maintain their hobby after office hours, I remember when I use to do blogging all night even after 12-14 hours of office work and still on time for next day office.

+ Corporate Bloggers

Corporate bloggers are highly professional in terms of dedicating time towards certain targeted work, they are responsible for maintaining corporate blogs and responding to the every user query.


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