What's So Wrong With iPad Photos?

Have you ever had second thoughts about taking out a gadget with a camera on it because you fear that some people will laugh at you? This actually happens to people who take out their iPads to snap pictures of many different subjects.

iPad Photos, Image credit: digitaltrends.com
For professional photographers who make use of high powered DSLRs or manual Single Lens Reflex cameras, it is a mortal sin to use your mobile devices to take photos for various reasons and here are some of them:

Crappy Cameras Equate to Crappy Pictures
Of course, professional photographers are partial to using real cameras because first of all, the quality of photos taken by these devices are a million miles away from the quality of photos taken using mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. We all know that most tablets have less than stellar cameras and most users who snap photos using their tablets post them on their social media accounts like on Facebook and Instagram which will display the image in 500 pixels. Admittedly, tablet cameras are very convenient, especially during times when you need to capture a once in a lifetime moment and do not have a real camera with you. We are not suggesting that you do not use your devices' cameras, no. Asking that wouldn't be rational at all. If your tablet has a camera and a situation calls for you to use it then go ahead and do so but do not expect high grade pictures.
It’s Awkward Taking Photos Using Tablets
This one may be a bit superficial and vain but honestly, doesn't it feel and look awkward to take photos using your tablet? Especially if you are using the full-sized ones like the iPad or the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Also, most tablets are not designed to endure long hours of taking photographs. There is also the danger of accidentally dropping the device. If you haven't noticed yet, there are no grips at any side of the device that allow users to hold the tablet steadily while taking pictures. Yes, it isn't only a bit awkward to take tons of photos using your tablet, you are also risking it whenever you go on a snapping spree.
Tablets May Disturb Others
Tablets cause a disturbance to others. When people take photos using their mobile devices, the tendency is to stand closer to the subject in order to achieve the best results. When people do this, it is inevitable that they block the view of all the others who are standing at the back. Once or twice, we see people in events that use their tablets in taking pictures and most often, they accidentally shove their devices into the faces of those who are in front as well. This may not be intentional but they do cause inconvenience and harm to other spectators. The other problem is that people are not content with just snapping one or two pictures. They actually stay in front, obstructing the view of the others who were polite enough to stay at the back for quite some time taking photo after photo, as if one good picture wasn’t already enough. But hey, it is quite difficult to score one good shot with the use of tablets.
Yes, it is true that we really cannot ask tablet users to stop from taking pictures using their devices but we can let them know how their actions affect those around them. If you are someone who takes joy in capturing memorable scenes using your tablet, take it upon yourself to bring and use a real digital camera whenever you go to events where you know you’ll be snapping photos. Not only do they produce better pictures, they are also more convenient to use. Leave your tablets to other applications like VoIP or online games.

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Hi Leslie somehow I agree with you but some people like larger screen to view their photos. Otherwise your post is unique and you think different. Keep it up!! :)

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