LG Optimus F7 Review

LG is a top-notch company that offers people a variety of electronics for home, office, or everyday use. LG is also a top brand that offers innovative and quality cheap unlocked cell phones. The LG Optimus F7 is a phone that has gotten tech junkies overdosing with enthusiasm.

LG Optimus F7 Review

A Look Into the LG Optimus F7

The LG Optimus F7 is a good-looking phone with snazzy features. The sleek body makes up for the phone’s rather big size. The 4.7-inch true HD screen (313 ppi) is a thing of beauty. The texture and color of the images or videos that users view on the phone are fantastic. The details are crisp and the colors are vibrant.

The 1.5 GHz dual-core processor and 4G LTE connectivity allows users to live fast. Multi-tasking is easier with the fast connectivity that the Optimus F7 offers. The QSlide feature is on full display with the Optimus F7. This unique feature enables users to take multitasking to a whole new level. Streaming media is a breeze because of the fast connectivity provided by the Optimus F7.

The 8-megapixel camera takes high quality pictures and videos that users can store on their cheap unlocked cell phones or upload to their favorite social media site such as Instagram or Facebook. The intuitive features of the camera are best used to take images and videos of the perfect moment users may have with friends or family. The Live Zooming feature of the camera is handy when it comes to capturing details at the precise moment. The crisp details provided by the phone’s screen allow users to experience watching movies and playing games on another level.

Another great feature of the Optimus F7 is VuTalk. This feature enables users to share all sorts of ideas, maps, pictures, and notes at real time. QuickMemo is also a useful feature because it provides a personal touch to photos or websites that users want to share.

The Optmius F7 is not entirely a perfect smartphone to use but its easy to use interface and handy features make it perfect for cheap unlocked cell phones or phones that already have pre-existing carriers.

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