How To Create Free Website In Minutes

Creating website could sound a matter of money, efforts and man power but I will tell you this was the time a decade ago. Today you can create a website in few minutes. I can guarantee, you don't even have to look in detailed features of the online website builder tools you are going to use. So no hard learning is required.

How To Create Free Website In Minutes
The online website builder services let's you create, maintain and publish website in few minutes. Managing them is so easy, that you can operate them from any where and from any gadget. Let's not include Google blogger and Wordpress here as we are talking about pure website builder services. So here is the list of free website builder that allows you to create free website in minutes.

Free Website Builder # 1 - Weebly:

Create Free Website with weebly

If you are a new newbie on internet and has very less technical knowledge, you probably should consider Weebly. It offers very simple yet complete functional model like website builder providing simple drag and drop features. So newbies should directly go for it without any hesitation.
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Free Website Builder # 2 - uCoz:

Create Free Website with ucoz

uCoz is perfect for creating multifunctional and business websites. You can expand your website functionality at any time to endless functions by adding different available modules.

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Free Website Builder # 3 - Wix:
Create Free Website with wix

Wix is ultimate solution for an individual, who wants to portray their artistic work. Wix offers beautiful templates with advanced seo module. 

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Free Website Builder # 4 - Webs:

Create Free Website with webs

Webs with rich tool set is a good option for any kind of user, newbie as well as expert.

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Free Website Builder # 5 - Jimdo:

Create Free Website with jimdo

Are you looking to create and online e-shop store or shopping cart. Jimdo has a powerful e-shop module allows you to create an effective online shopping cart.

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Advantages of Free Website Builders:

  1. They are cost effective.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. Requires only active Email ID and Internet connection.
  4. No credit card is required for registration.
  5. No Coding or programming knowledge is required.
  6. Handy content management system available.
  7. You can upgrade to higher feature any time you wish.

Possible Drawbacks:

  1. Ads or copy write logo.
  2. Sub domain on free plan.

Solution the Drawbacks:

  1. Upgrading to the plans is again a low cost step. 
  2. Buying a new and fresh domain may cost you around $5.


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