How To Create Android Apps Without Coding Knowledge

Is any superb app idea is crawling in your mind? And you can imagine it working in your android phone? But the problem is you are not a programming expert and worried how to code it. Well don’t have to worry now, as there are many open sources available that let you design the app which you feel needed. You can trust these sources and develop apps all by yourself.

How To Create Android Apps Without Coding Knowledge
Many of us are really creative and think out of the box but due to non-tech background, our ideas remain in thoughts only. So don’t let this happen to you, just follow the guidelines below and get ready to create your own fully developed latest android app and specially without coding!
What you need?
The first and foremost thing, you have a unique app idea and it’s really make sense. If it’s so, than your app probably be the next sensation in the android app market. You can also sell your app and generate nice income.
The next basic thing is definitely your PC and some software’s which are going to help you in developing app without programming.
So now you download:
  • A copy of Eclipse which is an open source software design program. You can download it from their site
  • Install a copy of JAVA JDK. You can get its free copy from oracles website.
  • Now download a copy of android SDK. You can get it from
Ok so now your PC is ready with developing platform.
How to configure your PC with this software’s?
Just go to that android SDK download and follow the instruction step by step. It will also guide you to which version of ellipse you need and how to install java JDK and Android SDK.
Tools for developing apps:
After configuring your PC you just need a tool which helps you to design your app by just clicking few buttons on great user interface and your app is ready completely.
  1. Buzztouch: You can download this tool which let you create a vast number of apps. You can decide number of screens, color combination, add images and decide anything for your app.
  1. AppsGeyser: It’s a best modified app for android, you just have to enter some URL and HTML script and create your app in few minute.

  1. AppYet: It’s a very simple app creator which is loaded with many readymade features which helps your app to develop easily.
How to develop apps?
You can sign in to these tools website and watch video tutorials on how to develop apps. Here I am providing steps to develop app by using Buzztouch.
  • Sign in to website and go to ‘my apps’ and select ‘create new app’.
  • Name your app, click all the agreement and then save.
  • Create an icon for you app with any image editor in .jpg format.
  • Upload it on Buzztouch, it can automatically resize it.
  • Now from ‘application control panel’ download source code for your app.
  • Buzztouch will compile it for you and you can save it in any folder.
  • Now open your eclipse simulator and kept open Buzztouch website.
  • Create ‘app image’ and upload it to Buzztouch, refresh your simulator and you can see simultaneous change in your simulator and Buzztouch.
  • Do same for info screen.
  • Now select ‘manage this app and menu screens’. Add features and refresh your simulator to see how the features work.
  • After completing Buzztouch automatically configure it for you and you will see it completely build for you.

Congratulation!! You have developed your own app without writing a single line of code. If you have any further problem,  you can also heir professional developers to give shape to the idea of your application. Hope this article helps you.


Many people want mobile apps but think it is too hard to create them. Fortunately now there are quite a lot of useful online services which allow building apps without programming skills and in hours. I am using SnAPPii at the moment and really glad I can feel like a mobile app developer and make apps on my own.

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