10 best Audio Editor Software for both Windows & Mac

Listening to music is everyone’s hobby and some of you might interest in editing your music file according to your choice. There are number of sound editing software present which allows you to edit, cut, copy, record and also to create your own music and melodies with their powerful tools. This software’s are extensively use by the music professionals and DJ’s for creating a pleasing and sound effective music for you.

Audio Editor Software

Here I am with the list of 10 best audio editor software which works on cross platform especially on Windows and Mac. Now enjoy your music by mixing your creativity and editing your imagination with the following software’s-

# 1 - Audacity: 
One of the best audio editing software; audacity is a free, multi track audio editor and recorder. Available for all type of operating system and interface multi language features. This is an open source software and allows you to edit, mix,  record digital CD’s, import and export sound, add effects and many more with your audio file. 

Audacity audio editor software

You can use audacity to-

  • Easy editing with cut, copy, paste and delete.
  • Edit and mix large number of tracks
  • Remove vocals from suitable stereo track
  • Create voice over using audio duck effects
  • Spectrogram view, plot spectrum for detailed analysis
  • Support all audio files for editing

# 2 - Adobe audition: 

Develop and deliver beautiful audio by adobe audition software which offers high performance, powerful tools for audio editing, mixing, restoration and effects. It includes number of time saving audio editing features and makes it easy to set up frequent change in action. 

Adobe audition audio editor software

Its services include:

  • Low-latency mixing with unlimited track
  • Improved multi track editing
  • Native 5.1 surround sound support
  • Frequency space editing
  • All audio file support with clean interface.

# 3 - Avid pro tools: 

Another powerful audio editor used by professional musician for studio recording and album mixing. Provides you industrial standard tools modern audio production. Enhanced graphics with HD video workflows. 

Avid pro audio editor software

Its key features are-

  • New avid engine with multi tracking
  • More complex mixture with richer sound
  • Ultra low latency with dedicated input buffer
  • 17 metering option and speed up delivery with offline bounce
  • Play and edit HD video

# 4 - Reaper: 

Make music entirely by using your computer with the professional audio editing software reaper. It’s a powerful application for multi tracking and audio mixing. It has deep features set with lot of customizing option. Reaper provide you flexibility and easy to use interface. 

Reaper audio editor software

Following are the tech specs-

  • Custom external editors
  • MIDI editor with better error reporting
  • Allow loading of OSX GRM plug-ins version 3.1.1 or higher
  • Ripple editing, tempo change with tempo editor
  • Improved video frame display speed when seeking

# 5 - Ableton live: 

It’s more than just a digital audio station for creating your music or edit existing audio file. Its offer you unique sketchpad for improvising, creating and performing with music ideas. It has flexible track routing without the constraint of timeline. It comes with a collection of instruments, sound, kits and loop for creating any kind of music. Some 

Ableton live audio editor software

key features are-

  • Versatile synthesizer operator
  • Sampling instrument with multisampling playback
  • 34 audio and 7 midi effects
  • External audio effect and independent filtering
  • Multi touch and max for live

# 6 - Wavepad: 

Precise audio editing software with easy to use interface Wavepad includes a recorder that support auto trim and voice activated recording. Full sound effect library to give your audio a professional touch. 

Wavepad audio editor software

Some tech specs are-

  • Audio effects include amplify, envelop noise reduction
  • Tone generation and click pop removal
  • Create ringtone and record voice over’s.
  • Reduce vocal from music track

# 7 - Traverso DAW:  

The world most premiere sound editing software Traverso is a cross platform multi track audio editing and recording suite with an easy to use master interface. It allows you to add and remove effect plug-in and creating new track with effective feedback.

Traverso DAW audio editor software

Best Specs are-

  • Clean and concise interface
  • Non destructive editing
  • Multiple driver backend
  • CD TOC creation, integrated CD burning

# 8 - Eisenkraut: 

A standalone cross platform audio editor in the field of computer music. It allows you to logarithmic editing of sound and addition of sound transformation with special decoders. 

Eisenkraut audio editor software

Some Feature set-

  • Configurable automatic cross fade during cut and paste
  • Waveform caching
  • Editable input and output configuration for multichannel soundcard
  • Supports multi channel and multi mono file

# 9 - LMMS: 

Linux multimedia software let you to produce computer music creating melodies and beats, synthesizing and mixing sound and arranging samples. Best song editor for composing music and many powerful with effective plug in.

LMMS audio editor software

Important specs are-

  • Beat + baseline editor
  • FX mixer with 64 FX channel
  • Compatible with many sound format
  • Easy to use piano roll for editing patterns and melodies

# 10 - Ocenaudio: 

Easy to use interface audio editing software which quickly analyze audio file with its powerful music library. It is a multi track supporting software with instant response to the changes and addition. 

Ocenaudio audio editor software

With Features- 

  • Multi selection for delicate editions
  • Efficient editing of large files
  • Fully featured spectrogram
  • VST plug in support


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