Top 10 Most Popular Educational Game Apps for Kids

Kids love playing games. Educational apps are a fun way to engage your children in learning. Interactive activities stimulate their curiosity and develop motor skills. Interesting graphics keep them engaged and involved. Keep reading to check out our list of the top 10 educational game apps out now that'll keep your kids entertained for hours: 
Educational Game Apps for Kids 

Madagascar Math Ops 

A popular new app by Jumpstart called Madagascar Math Ops includes a physics-based puzzle and lots of your child's favorite characters from the Madagascar movies to help your child have fun with math while learning basic math concepts and developing problem-solving skills. This app lets your child free the kidnapped Zoosters from an enemy agent by solving a series of math problems spanning grade levels 1 to 4. The game includes over 80 levels and covers math problems using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with three levels of difficulty. 

Live Puzzle! Forest Animals 

This is an original puzzle app. There are four levels of difficulty ranging from 4 to 20 puzzle pieces. What is unique about this app is that children can place puzzle pieces in the wrong spot and no correction occurs until the puzzle is completed. This forces your child to think about how the pieces need to go together and not simply try pieces in different places until they click into place. Each puzzle is animated and the animation remains in motion even before the puzzle is solved. This means you can have an animal hopping from piece to piece while you attempt to solve the puzzle, which adds a different level of difficulty to the puzzles. The 4- and 9-piece puzzles are great for young children and the bigger puzzles will keep them going through early grade school. 

Language Learning Apps by Tiny Factory 

Research proves over and over again that it is easier to learn languages when you are a child. This app provides a unique way for toddlers to learn different languages. A character speaks a word and shows a word bubble with the correct spelling. The player listens to the word and then pops the bubble with the correct image. If the child pops the correct bubble there is praise. An incorrect bubble gets a shake of the head and a noise. Because the words and images change from game to game the replay value of the game is high. Right now, the app comes in three languages: Spanish, English, and Mandarin Chinese. 

Timbuktu-Interactive Children's Magazine App 

If you are looking for a way to get your child to read more, this may be the perfect app. It is available as a monthly or annual in-app subscription. It features a digital table of contents with both images and titles. Different characters present a variety of content from learning about mold to outer space or editing the grammar in Betty's diary. Math mysteries and spelling segments are staples and other content changes monthly. There are a variety of skills for kids to practice and they are aligned to the common core standards. The content is random and therefore there are many topics kids might not normally be exposed to, which makes this app more valuable. The content is interesting and the digital imagery and characters will keep your child engaged and reading. 

Nursery Rhymes for Kids 

There is no better activity than singing. Here is an app that presents traditional nursery rhymes in a fun and engaging way. Children can tap the nursery rhyme they want to hear. It begins immediately. Light arrows on the screen point out the interactive elements and by tapping on the element children can hear sound effects or watch animations. Simple and easy to use, it is effective for babies through pre-schoolers. With highlighted text it is also a good way for toddlers to begin developing reading skills. 

Adagio-The Musical Touch for Kids 

This piano app is super simple. The keyboard is set up as a circle around the control buttons. Each section of the circle is a different color and represents a tone on the C Major scale. In the Songbook Mode, a child listens to the song first. Once he or she knows how it sounds they press a green arrow and the music train appears instead of a staff. The note flashes on the keyboard circle and it is the only one that will sound which makes it impossible for your child to pick the wrong note. Your child plays by matching the color of the train car to the note on the circle. It won't take long before your child can play all 10 songs by matching the colors. The free mode allows your child to explore the keyboard circle alone without having to match colors. 

Wee Kids ABC 

Wee Kids ABC uses a circus theme that features word puzzles and games. The games have a lot of creative touches that make them more interesting and entertaining than competitor products. They are colorful and visually appealing and they are all clearly organized. The games can be played solo or with another child or adult. 

Eye Paint by Curious Hat 

This is no typical app. Curious Hat apps are designed as tools children can use to play and foster creativity, and they do it very well. Eye Paint gives kids the opportunity to finish the art of a well-known Italian painter. There are 20 original, kid-friendly drawings by Giorgio Cavazzano, a famous Italian illustrator. This app requires movement, so your child will have to use the camera feature of the iPad in order to find they effects they want. The three educational areas this app covers includes exploring your child's surroundings, examining the relationship between reality and the symbolic abstraction of that reality when applied to the illustrations, and stimulating the use of real life images to express emotions. A great app to foster your child's creativity.

Ansel & Clair: Paul Revere's Ride 

If you are looking for a way to stimulate your child's interest in history, here's an app that kids will love as much as you do. Kids get to explore different scenes, and it incorporates use of a touch-and-drag camera, Google maps, and photo booth along with puzzles, games, pop-up quizzes, and a travel log they can add pictures and notes to. As if that wasn't enough to keep a child's interest there are also music, art, and even poetry puzzles. 

Numerosity: Play with Math 

This app encourages children to experiment with math and numbers. There is no equal sign in equations and numbers move around accidentally giving a new equation to solve, which is all part of the game. It is designed to make children take risks and explore. By playing, children learn they must use multiplication before addition, and division before subtraction. The app rewards success by leveling up. There is even a built-in component that allows parents to receive emails detailing what concepts the child is learning, how they are doing, and suggestions for things they can do at home to reinforce the concepts the child is learning from the app. Super for kids and parents alike! 

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