Three Essential Budgeting Apps You Need To Help Manage Your Money

Through the use of their applications, smart phones and tablet computers are quickly becoming more and more essential and useful for every day life. One way that you could use smart phone or table applications productively is to use them to budget, track, and manage your personal finances. Through the use of the following three applications, you could easily build a personal budget, track your spending, and gain a better control over your personal finances. 

Expenditure Budgeting App

For people that make many different purchases or like to travel abroad, Expenditure could be a very helpful application for budgeting. Expenditure allows you to input every purchase that you make into the application. The process of inputting the purchases is very easy and allows you to categorize everything that you spend. It can then provide you with reports of where, when, and how much money have you spent, which you can then compare to previously inputted budgeting reports. When traveling abroad, Expenditure is very helpful because it comes with an easy to use currency converter, which is updated daily to reflect the current exchange rates.


Mint Budgeting App

The first essential budgeting application for your phone or tablet is Mint. Mint is an excellent budgeting and financial tracking application. Using its very secure portal, Mint can automatically log into your bank accounts, credit card accounts, and loan accounts to gain access to your spending. You can also provide Mint with your monthly budget, which can be organized into several different categories. Mint will also provide you with updates as frequently as you would like to tell you how your spending to date is comparing with your weekly, monthly, or annual basis. Mint is also a great resource as it can calculate your personal net worth and provide debt statements whenever you wish. 

iReconcile Budgeting App

If you are looking for an easy to use budgeting application, then iReconcile would be a great option. iReconcile allows you to input a deeply detailed and categorized personal spending budget. The application then allows you to input each of your purchases, which are then automatically categorized to fit into your budget. At any time you wish, you can pull up a variety of different graphs and charts, which give a visual display of where you are spending your money and whether you are tracking to stay within your budget for the month. If you are unable to manage your budget with this application, meeting with a Chapter 7 attorney in Indianapolis could be a good idea. Meeting with a financial advisor or attorney can help you straighten out your finances. 


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