How To Solve - Window Restart Without Warning

When the system becomes seriously unstable and within a few minutes reboots itself sometimes. It does not load properly and beeps annoyingly. This problem is known as the problem of window restarts without warning.
How To Solve - Window Restart Without Warning


By any of the below mentioned possibilities this issue could be caused-


Computer reboot unexpectedly without warning due to the errors generated by software programs. The users using window XP should see the section below before continuing. On following the precaution steps also if your computer is again rebooting without any warning then let your computer boot into safe mode. 

For window XP users 

  • Right-click on my computer from, the desktop.
  • Click on properties
  • In the properties window click on 
  • Under start up button and recovery click the setting advanced tab.
  • Un-check the automatically restart check box in the start up and recovery window. 
  • Click on OK button. 


CAUTION: While in the cautious of ESD you can open your computer by the steps below.
An unexpected error or rebooting without warning can be caused due to the failing of any hardware component in your computer. 
You should be aware of not to encountering any hardware conflicts by viewing device manager for the solutions of the errors occurring.
This problem can also be caused due new drivers. If there is need of updating any hardware you should go for an earlier version of that hardware. 


To reboot your computer without warning computer viruses such as blaster viruses are written .after the computer has booted these viruses will make the computer reboot ever 5, 10, 15, or 30 min. if your computer maybe infected with a virus you should make sure that the definitions are up-to-date of your virus scanner.


If your computer gets too hot today many computers are designed that can turn off or reboot automatically. If the fan may be failing in your computer you will hear abnormal noises coming from your computer such as high squealing. Firstly, see that if the fan is moving smoothly; by examining the back of the computer verify the fan on the power supply is working. To verify that all the fans are working you need to open the computer. Example: - case fan and processor fan. 


If your computer still continues to reboot after following each of the above recommendations, your computer is experiencing an issue related with Microsoft window operating system that cannot be explained. 

Try the below steps to help:-

. As the computer is booting, reboot the computer and enter CMOS.
. Let the computer sit after loading the computer in CMOS setup.

When the computer sit in CMOS, then also the computer does not reboot an issue with Microsoft windows is experienced by your computer. You re-install Microsoft window if you follow all the above recommendations. 

Hope above mentioned steps for, How to solve issue - Window Restart Without Warning helped you reach resolution.


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