How To Access Blocked Website In Windows 8

Internet is the  medium through which the whole world is connected to each other. Any one sitting any where can do many things from one place to each other, the only thing that he wants is an internet connection. We have seen at different places that we can’t access internet in desired manner, it’s just because administrator doesn't allow us to do so , that is why there is a need to know some tricks about accessing the internet, which are very simple, just we have to read it once. Like wise some of them are written below.

How To Access Blocked Website In Windows 8

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First of all we will understand the meaning of blocked site, the site which we block in order to stop going on that website is called blocked website. We can see an example of blocked website in daily life like colleges and schools where in computer lab, except Google all the site and specially social networking sites are banned. That is why we have an alternative of this blocking problem.
As we all know there are few tricks to access these blocked sites, some of them most useful are:
1-Through IP address website
2) Through Proxy Websites

Website IP address-
Every website have their own IP address, so first open this site by its IP address, but our primary aim is to know how to access IP address of a website?
Step 1- Open CMD by start program.
Step 2- Type ping and give space and after that type website name, 

ex- ping

Now press enter...
Step 3- After doing the 2nd step we can see the IP address, this is how we get IP address of a website.
Now there is only one thing remaining that is copy that IP address and put it into the address bar. And we can now the access the blocked website.
Another problem is that sometimes websites are blocked with there IP address, there is another way to access these kind of websites too.
Proxy Websites-
This way of accessing to blocked site is very easy and simple, in this site we don’t have to do any kind of programming and anything else. This technique is nowadays used by many bloggers and peoples who are in various institutions and various firms in order to access there desired websites. So we are now going to see how this trick which is known as proxy website works.
There are generally some proxy websites, with the help of them you can access any websites. Some of them are,

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All we have to do is just open these sites and we have to enter the URL of the blocked website which we want to access and after doing so press enter, and you have now access of your blocked website.
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Thanks for giving information.Through your Article,I unblocked my restricted websites through proxy.Finally i checked my fake ip range using It's fully different from my previous ip range.

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