How Do I Deactivate My Facebook Account For Sometime

Facebook is an online social networking website. It allows registered user to create profile, upload photos and video, send messages to friends, family and colleagues, also to chat with each other. It has millions users. Facebook has become so popular now a days, that I don't remember any one who is has not registered with Facebook.

Facebook has many advantages as being connected to the world via internet and expressing your feelings and may be business. Though it is useful for every one, still there is group of people who think Facebook has no place for them and the like to maintain a private place of their life. I do agree with this group as well, as totally depends on you to decide about your social profile, After all your life is associated with it. If you really serious about deactivating Facebook account, please proceed to read this post.

Why people want to deactivate account on Facebook:

  • Few people don't feel safe on Facebook.
  • May be they want to use it as temporary account and to try it out.
  • Another fair reason could be, they are receiving so many email notifications, invitations, and request from Facebook and destroying their Inbox. But Facebook has privacy settings and you can manage it from their. If this is the reason, then probably you don't need to deactivate your account, instead go to Facebook settings and control your privacy settings and notifications.  

How Do I Deactivate my account?

Probably, nothing is stopping you to deactivate account, let get to the point and show you how to deactivate Facebook account with few simple steps.

Steps to deactivate Facebook account:
deactivate Facebook account

Steps for proceeding to deactivate Facebook account

  • First log on to your Facebook account.
  • Go to the top right corner of your Facebook account on home page, then click down arrow and click on "Account Setting". 
  • On the Left side of the screen, click on the "Security" and down the page link click "deactivate account".
  • The prompt will take your permission with message "Are you sure you want to deactivate your account". 
  • On confirmation, you just need to fill the Facebook account deactivate reason.
  • Leave the reason and click OK.
  • Then check your box why you deactivating.
  • Then Click the deactivate button. 

After these steps you will be able to deactivate Facebook account easily.


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