Windows Freezes or Completely Stops Responding

Windows Freezes or Completely Stops Responding

If your computer is freezing and stops responding frequently, following can be the major reasons for it.
  • Software related issues
  • Operating System problems
  • Heat related issues
  • Driver issues
  • Hardware issues

Software Related Issue:

Freezing and hanging problem mostly happen because of software issues. If you are facing lockup problems when you launch any program make sure that you have all the updates of that program installed on your computer.
Driver Issues:
Computer lockups can also be caused by driver problems. For instance, if a video driver has some issue, you might experience lockup problems while playing video games or watching videos. To verify that all drivers are working fine, open Device Manager and check if there is exclamation mark or red X on any device. Update the latest drivers of all major devices of your computer to solve the issue.
Operating System Problem:
Make sure that your operating system has all the latest plugins and updates installed properly. Keep automatic update on.
Heat Relates Issue:
If your computer’s processor is getting heated up lately, this can cause severe freezing problems in your computer. If you hear any abnormal noises from your computer like high squealing, this indicates that the fans are failing and need to be replaced. Also make sure that your CPU is not running hot by checking it with an onboard thermal sensor.
Hardware Issue:
If you have recently installed a new hardware component and the problem crept in after than then there is a huge possibility that your computer does not support the hardware component you recently installed or the installation might have gone wrong. If you have not installed any new component, finding out the faulty component becomes a bit difficult, as you’ll have to go on with hit and trial method unless you find the faulty component. You can borrow extra components from your friend.
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