Nokia Confirms Lumia Phone With 41 MP Camera - Nokia Lumia 1020

NEW DELHI: Last year Nokia changed the smart phone cameras When it launched with 41 MP snapper the 808 pure view. Last year it was rumored to have included this camera in its flagship Lumia 920, but that was not to be. At its July 11 event in New York, however speculation is now rife that the manufacturer will launch a Lumia phone 41 MP and it is nearly confirmed by the company.

A teaser has been put up by the company, on the Nokia conversation website that says to attend the July 11 event there will be “41 million of reasons”.  41 million towards 41 MP camera is a hint as clear as the sensors of upcoming Lumia phone has the same no. of pixels. In tech circles, suggesting the launch of the phone currently being called Lumia EOS. It said that it will reinvent zoom in the invite Nokia sent for July 11 events.

“Oh, so you've got a Smartphone with a zoom lens…I bet in your pocket it fits. Above one was the one of the memes carried the tagline. Out of its favorite some memes are tagged. At Samsung’s recently unveiled galaxy S4 zoom phone this is a jibe, which comes with a 10X optical zoom and 16MP camera.

The body made of polycarbonate and huge camera sensor humps on the back, the image suggest a body similar to Lumia 920’s. In the past few months, the Nokia Lumia Smartphone with 41MP camera has surfed on the internet via leaked photos. This camera comes in red, white, yellow and black colors, it is said to run on windows phone 8 operating system, have support wireless via a strap-on supported covers and have speaker grilles at the bottom.

Nokia Lumia 1020 Launched


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