Latest HP Envy 6-1001TU Ultrabook Features

The HP laptops have always been extensively pleased about their prominent and amazing features which can make any technology buff to hold his breath. Superbly groomed Envy series eats the cake with colossal enormity in comparison to its peers. Envy 6 Ultrabook uses the latest Intel processor to offer decent clout from its slender, glossy armored design.
The new offers spontaneous power and well-brought-up graphics performance. You can enjoy fast web browsing and entertaining activities with this Ultrabook. It’s tortuous to find imperfection in the new member of the HP Envy family. The machine is competitively priced, with this recently updated version of Envy’s laptop series. It’s competitively priced, modish and well built, and provides good all-round show up with astounding battery backup. Certainly that doesn’t looks like a budgeted one, for the features it brave are no less than a class. Neither does it feels like a box packed in a bag, but it braves awesome features and power-backed performance that even techno savoir-faire will break a breath for.

Sleek and easy to take away:
Never let your entertainment quotient go down, take fun with you anywhere you, just anywhere.  The ultra sleek design of the newly envisioned Ultrabook measures only about 252.73 mm by 373.88 mm with an approximate weight of 2.03 kg. Standing just 20mm high, it's moderately slim nonetheless, and one would never encounter the problems sliding it into a stylish, skinny case. Thus, proves out to be your best companion on go. Certainly, the sleek make up of the body boasts handsome profile.

Rugged design to enchant your adventures:
The lustrous black and red design has always been an apple of everyone’s eye ever since the prior launched Envy 4. Fortunately, the new member braves the same design like that of its predecessor. Black brushed metal lid makes the inconspicuous approach of the company proves stylish and attractive. Bright red edges and a rubberized coating adds to that little extra that one always wish to have. The rugged design of the machine is simply amazing and irresistible, metal lid and the rubberized underneath feel very obdurate and doesn’t offers much bend, nasty creaking or clicking when pressed down against the surface.  Perhaps, one can be confident that this gizmo can survive few knocks and smacks on the road.

Featured keyboard and trackpad:
Since it follows something relating to the skeleton of the machine, the featured keyboard and the sensitive trackpad’s make up imitate its predecessor. The keyboard completely compliments the laptop’s design and the integrated keys are large and easy to operate. Thus, swift typing is no more alien. The trackpad is however, an update in comparison to that of HP Envy 4, new one’s is even pleasant to use. That means fast navigation of the cursor and clicks.

In terms of display, the new member may disappoint a bit in comparison to its peers and also its predecessor. Offering a resolution of 1,366x768 pixels, which is truthfully quite disappointing. That's the minimum con one can make out from in the laptop. It rather features bright and pretty decent colors which one can enjoy to nurture all its delight.

Alright! Coming onto the performance scale, under the covering one would find impressive Intel Core i5-3317U processor which is clocked at 1.7GHz, paired with 4GB of RAM. Plus, 500 GB hard disk space makes sense. That's simply a well-brought-up upgrade. The chip in the Envy 6 is from the brand-new Ivy Bridge series. Even though the display may not be so promising or rather bit disappointing, the other features are performance packed. The latest Intel Ivy Bridge chips onboard are skillfully designed for better handling of multi-tasking needs.

The HP Envy 6-1001TU Ultrabook is compact, sleek, elegant, lightweight and ultra-responsive in every sort. Standing out as the only large screen laptop with Beats Audio is amazing. With up to hours of battery life and a soft-touch base that makes it easy to grab and go, it’s a laptop that’s up for anything. It is certainly the best bet!

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