How To Run Windows XP On Windows 7 or 8

If you’re looking to install and run a second operating system like Windows XP on a Windows 7 or Windows 8 machine, there is good news and there is bad news. The good news is that it takes virtually no technical expertise to do so and the process runs next to no risk of harming your computer. The bad news is that while Microsoft gave Windows 7 users the ability to run older software in Windows XP mode, this support was largely curtailed with the release of Windows 8. Even though it’s still relatively simple to run Windows XP in either of the most recent Windows releases, the process for doing so varies slightly depending on your starting point.
  Windows Virtual PC; How To Run Windows XP On Windows 7 or 8?  

Windows XP and Virtual Machines

As you may know, Windows 7 includes a program called Windows Virtual PC. This program allows you to run a computer within your computer, just as if Windows XP was an internet browser that you could open with the click of a mouse. Virtual machines also allow you to run any version of Windows XP, including the latest version, service pack 3.

While Windows Virtual PC is a practical solution for most users, a free alternative worth mentioning is VirtualBox, one of the internet’s most popular and highly regarded virtual machine programs. More intuitive and direct than Windows Virtual PC, running XP through VirtualBox is ideal for those with little experience running virtual machines.

The Installation Process 

Once you’ve downloaded and installed either VirtualBox or Windows Virtual PC, launch either of these programs and insert your Windows XP CD into your CD drive. From the file prompt, select “Create New Virtual Machine.” This will automatically detect your Windows XP CD and begin installation. Like a normal installation, you’ll be asked to enter your product keys, user names, and passwords for Windows.

Note that you’ll also have to select the amount of storage you wish to allocate to your virtual machine. Note that the amount you select will not be instantaneously consumed, but your virtual machine will be restricted to that quantity. Following installation, your virtual machine computer will have to restart before you can begin downloading and installing software directly. From this point, you can use your virtual copy of Windows XP at any time you wish simply by launching your virtual machine.

Windows XP Mode

If the prospect of running a virtual machine sounds too complicated for you, Windows 7 offers an easy alternative known as Windows XP mode. This mode enables you to run Windows XP applications in a virtual environment without having to load a virtual machine. Additionally, it won’t require downloading and installing Windows XP. While running programs in XP mode is the simplest and most direct way to run Windows XP on a Windows 7 machines, there are a variety of limitations, the most noteworthy being that this process is not supported on Windows 8.

Any program can be run in Windows XP mode by right clicking on the intended program file and selecting the properties option. From the compatibility tab, check “run this program in compatibility mode” and then select the version of Windows that you wish to use. Even though there are several versions of Windows older than XP available in compatibility mode, keep in mind that many modern programs do not offer backwards compatibility for older versions of Windows.
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