Use Mouse To Explore Windows 8 On A Desktop

Windows 8 is popularly known for the touch interface, as it is at its best at the touch interface. What if, you do not have a touch screen device, but a desktop? You can use Windows 8 in your desktop too, but you need to know the mouse gestures pretty well, to get started with Windows 8 in your desktop.

We have jotted down few of the uses of mouse, which can be helpful to explore this operating system better.
Unlock the screen:
You will not see an unlock button on the Windows 8 screen. If your device would have been touch sensitive, then a finger swipe will help you to unlock it. However it is not the case, so you can use the mouse to drag the screen away. This will give you the unlock screen, where you can enter the password to get the screen unlocked.
Switching apps:
Switching between apps may look tiresome job, but is not. On the top left corner, you can see smaller version of the previously opened app. If you scroll down vertically, you will come across other opened apps, which you can choose, to open any app of your choice.
Access Charms bar:
You can access Charms bar, by moving the mouse to the top right corner or to the top left corner of the screen. To make this bar evident, scroll up and down. You can access many options like ‘settings’ from this Charms bar.
Access bars for apps:
You might have noticed that an application take up maximum space of the screen in Windows 8 system, without displaying any tool bar or any other element of the program, to make its usage easier. You can right click on the running program to have thumbnails of the program and other navigation tools.
Split screen mode:
It is only possible, if the resolution of your screen is 1366 pixels. Do not expect full mode of both the apps at the same time, as you can have a smaller and a bigger version of the apps, at a time. All you need to do is hold the top of an app, drag it to each side of the screen. Make the changes in the size of the app by dragging the handle of it.
To work on a desktop that has no touch sensitivity, you should be acquainted with the knowledge of how to make use of the mouse. Many users are using Windows 8 on their desktops, but fumbling for certain features that can become easier, once you know to use your mouse.  
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