Top gadgets for tech-savvy students

Improvement in technology comes through the technocratic perspective therefore, there’s a need for a community to examine the devices developed by the engineers. There have been lots of lucrative electronic devices which are able to change the life of people especially youngsters and students. Let’d review some of the most widely spread gadgets and provide a few reasons why tech-savvy students should possess it.

Smart phones
A smart phone is the most common device you’ll find in the student’s hand because of its decreasing price and an increasing value. Smart phones are handy, slick and come in aluminium or fiber body. The price varies from $200 to $600. Apple, Blackberry, Samsung, Nokia are some of the most popular brands. Every manufacturer has its own speciality and standards of hardware and software. Recently, the Android based phones have been in demand henceforth Apple iOS has its own identity. Both companies, Google (developer of Android) and Apple have its unique development teams and a large number of users.

There are a number of applications that a student can use during his/her research. Students can search on the Internet through Opera mini, send messages using applications like “Whats App”, stay connected with the help of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. Students can watch videos and play games with its smooth capacitive touch screen.

A smart phone is a small, slim and eye-catching device. It comes with different processors and configuration. Therefore, it would become a valuable device for most tech savvy students.             

Tablets have been invented recently. A tablet has mainly been designed for those who are looking for the combination of processing power and a big screen to make their work handy. Most of the tablet manufacturing companies are likely the same as smartphone companies. You can select either an Android platform or an Apple IOS depending on your preferences and requirements. Basically, it comes in 7 to 8 inches long display and a resolution of 1366*768 or it may vary between different devices. 

You can capture high-resolution videos, photos as well as play on it using particular software like MX Player or VLC Media player. You can download software, games, music from the Android “Play Store” or “Apple iTunes”. You can install lots of applications related to your education, passion or entertainment. 

Nowadays, a laptop is a mandatory gadget for students majoring in computer or software related fields. But it is also crucial for non-IT sectors. There are lots of simulators available for students who are related to mechanical and civil sectors. You will also find it useful in the banking, financial, medical sectors, etc. There isn't probably such a field where a laptop wouldn't be applicable. 

The importance of laptops in a student life is indefinable. In today’s world, a student without a laptop can be compared to a man without bones. Of course, it’s a bit exaggerated but it’s true. There are lots of applications that play a major role in every student’s life. A student pursuing whatever career can not progress without a laptop. It’s not necessary to define the role of laptops further in a student’s life because in this technologically world you might be starting your professional work with your notebook and be already aware of it more than anyone else. 

Could you imagine a world without these ultra modern gadgets? This answer is simply ‘NO’.  All these gadgets are responsible for making our life more comfortable and meaningful. We can’t even imagine the world without laptops, smart phones, notebooks, etc. So enjoy it until the last breath of your life.


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