Top 7 Upcoming iPhone/iPad Games in 2013

There are lots of iPhone and iPad games that are upcoming, because there are a lot of developers out there who are hoping to make the next “Angry Birds”. So we have cherry picked a few games that you may not have heard of, but that we think are fun and addictive enough to play on a regular basis.

1 - Infected Wars

This game will soon be out for release in app stores online. You are the hero in a post apocalyptic world, where a terrorist group has introduced a virus into the earth population. Those sneaky terrorists were not content to just kill the people of the world; they decided to create a virus that would turn half-dead people into crazed infected monsters. You have to build up your character to something more powerful. You can also control other players and build their skills too. You goal is to survive, and maybe do a bit of rebuilding too, after the blood spatter and killing is done.

2 - Shadowrun Returns
This game allows you to play as a three dimensional character in a two dimensional world (which is nice). The battles you go through are pretty intricate, but the real strength is in the story that drives the game. Sadly, however this will mean that you are railroaded and that there is less sandbox, but it is still a good way to pass the time. You can advance missions to move up to the more difficult stuff, and there are lots of characters that you can pit against hoards of nasty enemies that are just itching to slaughter you and your avatar friends.

3 - Sorcery: The Shamutanti Hills
A dirty old mage has gone and stolen the king’s property, namely his crown jewels. Even despite the fact that the king was dumb enough to leave his crown jewels where anyone can find them, he tasks you with the job of finding them again. It is a fighting game where you roam around kicking the crap out of every creature you come across. There are the usual roles you can take in order to find the mage and bring him to justice, but most of them revolve around some sort of magic. Build up your strength so that you can face the mage and reclaim the jewels.

4 - Broken Sword: The Serpent’s Curse
This is the fifth in the series and is expected to be out this year. The plot should not really matter, since the game is very story orientated, and no amount of describing is going to prepare you for the journey. Suffice it to say that this one starts with a raid in Paris. Armed with a baguette and some cheese, some raiders break in and steal a painting. You have to follow the breadcrumbs (aka clues) to find who did it. Though as you may expect, it is not a case of C.S.I, it is more a case of unfolding a story that is packed with heresy and betrayal. There is even a bit of death thrown in there too.

5 - Republique
This is a stealth game where the stealth actually works (which makes a change), but like many, they may have gone over the top a bit since it is hard to run away without being caught. Nevertheless, this is a very well made and surprising good game to say that it is only played on a tablet or phone.

6 - Infinity Blade: Dungeons
This is another game that is set in a dungeon, so expect hordes of monsters in confined spaces. The theme has been done to death, although it is still beaten by zombie games (which are everywhere). At least this game was created by a larger company, so you can expect decent graphics and a delightful blood splattering effect. Infinity Blade already has a large following, but if you are not accustomed with it, you should check out some of the game play screenings on YouTube. If you are looking to try out dungeon based murder fests, then you could do worse than trying this game. Always make a good practice by

7 - Real Racing 3
In a nut shell, they have upgraded the graphics and usability from the last two games. They have made the controls a little easier to use, but have still made it easy for you to crash if you do not have your “foot” on the brake.

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