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Though the season of diplomas, tears, caps and gowns is a couple months away, now would be a perfect time to start thinking about what to give your close ones who are graduating from high school and heading towards colleges of their choice. One of the best and the most useful graduations gifts are the gadgets that would come in handy for following study. Some of them are rather pricy, others – not so much, but still there is something great about knowing that you gave a person a present that is not collecting dust on the top shelf of the closet, but actually helps them. So, without further ado, here are some gadgets that definitely won’t disappoint your grads:

If you are not on budget and want to give an extra-special gift, than pc tablet is just what you are looking for. Thin and light gadget that works up to ten hours will be perfect for surfing the web, playing games, watching movies, which means it is perfect both for study and leisure.  Some of the most advanced tablets allow face-to-face video calls, so it will be easier for your grad to keep in touch with school friends and family.

If you want your gift to be used for strictly study purposes then E-book is your choice, because an ability to store up to 3,500 books and built-in Wi-Fi will guarantee access to any academic book that a student might need.

In case you want to seem like a really cool relative or friend that gets how hard it is to study, choose as a present covert earpiece – specialized wireless earpiece for secret communication. Tiny and easy to use this gadget will definitely become one of the best friends of the presentee at college, and there is a reason for that: with its help your grad will be able to make impressive public speeches without unnecessary preparation, present scientific projects, listen to the music covertly and even cheat exam if there is no other way to pass it.

For those who are looking for not so expensive gifts, there are still gadgets that are going to come in handy while in college. Like a multiple gadget charging station! It can simultaneously charge up to six USB-compatible devices at a time, so cell phones, Bluetooth headsets, MP3 players will always be at one place and fully charged. It’s a perfect graduation gift for those who are going to be living in dorms with a bunch of roommates.  

And, if you know for sure that your graduation student doesn’t have one, give them an external hard drive for data storage! It’s an irreplaceable gadget for backing up important papers, presentations and essays.

As you can see, graduation gifts can vary in price, but they should have one quality – they should help making a new busy life at college a little bit easier.

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