Pros and Cons of Trade Show Marketing When Using Trade Show Booths and Banner Stands

There are a variety of pros and cons associated with trade show marketing. Knowing what these are before you make your plans to attend a show for marketing purposes can help save you time, money, and a lot of frustration.

In simple terms, there are two main ways to market at trade shows. The first is to set up trade show booths, and the second is to use banner stands. Each has a proven history of providing great exposure, but each also has some drawbacks.

A major benefit to using trade show booths and banner stands is that both are capable of getting visitor's attention, and that is the first priority of any marketing tool used as these types of events. Let's face it, if an event is packed with people, you need something to get their attention so they will come and speak with you. In terms of exposure, trade show booths and banner stands are a good option…

Unless, your banner stands and trade show booths are boring or bland. Simply having them is not enough. You need to spend time considering and testing the materials, colors, logos, etc that will be on them. This is crucial to your success, so don't ignore its importance.

A particularly good benefit to using trade show booths is that they allow your company representative to interact with visitors. As someone comes to the booth, you can speak with them, get to know what they are looking for or are interested in, and provide demonstrations or samples of your offering. This personal interaction can pay off big if your reps are trained and ready to handle any question or objection. And that brings us to the "con" part.

If your reps are not prepared adequately, they can do more harm than good. The last thing you want is to have visitors to your trade show booth walk away, disappointed that your rep failed at conveying your information. And, yes, word of that failure is almost certainly going to spread when visitors get together for drinks, lunch, and so on.

Another "con" to trade show booths that banner stands to not suffer from is that someone normally has to be present at a booth in order for it to do the maximum amount of work. This means careful scheduling to ensure that someone is present at all times. A good quality banner stand can pull its weight on its own and for this reason it is always a good idea to look into having banner stands in addition to your trade show booths.

One issue that many companies ponder is whether they should buy or rent their booths and banner stands. The best answer to that is if you plan to attend more than three events a year, it is probably better to buy your own trade show booths and banner stands. This ensures that you will always have your gear available, which may not always be case if you are renting. For those who are only planning one big event, renting may be the better option.

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I think it would be better to have a booth during trade shows. And use banners to add flair and call attention to the booth. For me, these two things should work for the good of the company. Just my opinion...

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Thanks Kelly for your nice opinion ...

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