PHP development: Small Details; Big Mistakes

Summary: PHP is the most widely used scripting language used today. Yet, PHP development has seen many developers making mistakes. This article is aimed at helping PHP developers avoid certain critical mistakes while developing a PHP based website.

PHP is the most prevalent scripting language presiding over the internet today. Nearly every website today has been prepared using PHP. According to some people, PHP is a really simple scripting language, and yet, people tend to make some glaring mistakes in them.

PHP was initially moulded in order to fix a specific problem, while making an individual site. No one really assumed that it would get as immensely popular as it is now. With time, PHP became more and more popular and extensively preferred by people because of its efficient use.

Basically, if you are in the arena of information technology, then dealing with PHP development
should not be all that challenging at all. However, total novices will take a little time and
commitment in order to get a good grasp of it. Nonetheless you must avoid making the following mistakes. To know more on Essential Aspects of Web Application Design and Development and you can also use Most popular bug trackers.

Not using enough OOP

This is the first thing you must stop doing. OOP or Object Oriented Programming gives you and
benefit in developing PHP websites flawlessly. In case you aren’t using enough OOP you are actually doing your PHP development a lot of harm. OOP is basically a system of programming with the use of classes, or Objects, which pull like things together, eradicate the requirement for recurrence of code and achieve the basic tasks of building very simply. Objects are chiefly classes that gather a group of functions together and hold them in a cover that can be salvaged over and over again without the need to rewrite functions or procedures every time you need to do something.

Keeping your Error Reporting Turned off

This one is by far, the silliest mistake. Why would anyone keep the error reporting turned off? The error reporting is the only way one can determine where he/ she is going wrong. It tells the user why a particular command could not get the desired result.

If you want to do your work properly and without having to spend decades on simple glitches, you must ensure that you turn your error reporting on. If you don’t you will end up simply going in circles about wherever you are getting stuck.

Forgetting to use PHP functions

A sincere question. How many of us have ACTUALLY read enough about PHP? Are we simply getting tutored and starting off on our own? Or do we actually spend time to understand what PHP is, the kind of potential that it has and a lot of other aspects. No, we don’t. Actually, if we did, we would never even have to discuss this topic.

There are so many in built underlying functions of PHP that if one is careful about it, he will reduce his workload by half. If you know what all you can achieve by using PHP there is absolutely nothing you have to think of. You can employ all the PHP functions to render the best results without having to ponder so much.

Mixing Quotes

So, the school teacher kept asking you to focus on your punctuation and you never paid heed. Well, it's time you start because there’s no way you can deal with PHP without a decent knowledge of PHP.

PHP requires you to understand the difference between the quotations absolutely correctly.
Both the single and the double quotes have different functions. You must never get mixed up
amongst them because that will give you an adverse effect.


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