Ferrari F12berlinetta, the Deserving Crown Beauty

Ferrari has always produced cars that every enthusiast would love to ride. From outlook to the gearshift, the Company tries to give its user a comfort and extraordinary experience. One of the finest additions in Ferrari showroom is F12berlinetta. The experts considered this car as something extraordinary. That is why it has topped the world’s most famous magazine BBC Top Gear.

It is one of the fastest and most powerful cars of 2012. The metallic body in red, yellow, and gray color gives one of the fascinating looks. The ultra high 6262cc engine with 12 cylinders gives it an unanticipated power to grab a high speed within few seconds. The experts worked a lot to give it 8250 high RPM (revolution per minute). This high RMP has left all of its competitors in the rear. The engine and driving seat are lowered to bring down centre of gravity. This has made the car much more stable and calm.

The outlook impression of Ferrari has not been touched and F12berlinetta gives the same Ferrari conventional look. The technical specs including breaking system are improved which helps to increase grip on the product.

Compared to any other renowned companies car e.g. Aston Martin; F12berlinetta is considered to be superior. F12berlinetta weight is relatively much lower than Aston Martin. The top speed of F12berlinetta is 350km/h while Aston Martin speed is 305km/h. The acceleration is very high as F12 reaches 0-100 in only 3.1 seconds that is the lowest claimed time by any car. The engineers decreased the rolling resistance that resulted in such a high acceleration.

Now we get an idea that it is an ideal car that move fast on the street, looks sexy and make other people envy you. Therefore, why to wait and think again if you can afford any other sports cars. F12berlinetta will hit the showroom in the beginning of 2013. However, its price is something that will separate you from anybody. The initial price will be $359,186 separate you from 99% of the world people who can afford this car.

This car is an excellence in relaxation. You will feel like flying the car than driving. The delicate nature of the car also makes it special and demand extra care. So if you get a chance to get it, you have to take unusual care of your dream car like anything you care the most.


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