Audi’s High Tech Digital Showrooms

Many people have wondered in recent years how the retail industry will cope with the public’s increasing reliance on digital technology. If people can shop from home on their iPad, laptop or even mobile phone, and sometimes get cheaper prices too, why should they visit shops?
Some people will always prefer to buy clothes in store so that they can try them on, but internet shopping is getting ever more popular.

One industry that has benefited from the advantages of online shopping is the automotive industry. Car websites allow users to select from many many options and create combinations which they wouldn't necessarily be able to see in a car showroom. Customizing your car by selecting colors  interiors, additional bits of technology and the like is part of the experience of buying a car, and a great source of profit for manufacturers.

Audi have responded to the changing technological landscape by creating innovative new digital showrooms. The flagship digital store opened in London in July, and is proving to be a success, with sales in the area of 60% on the previous year.

A car showroom with no actual cars might sound like a bad idea, but Audi’s clever use of technology gives shoppers a different experience. It also means that they can put stores in shopping areas which don’t have the space for a showroom or local roads suitable for a test drive. Therefore they can target wealthy customers in city locations.

The showrooms use high tech touch screens to let customers build a car to their specification and view more options than they would ever get at a traditional showroom. The interactive technology puts the buyer in control but also offers the expertise of a showroom, with staff on hand to assist you. The real piece of “wow” technology is a multi-panel display wall. When you’ve finished designing your car you can transfer it in one awesome hand gesture onto the big wall and see it in life size, from many angles. 

Is this as good as driving it? Well if you’re an Audi lover chances are you know you’ll like driving one, but if you still need convincing you can book a test drive while you’re in the store or just take any car go on street race.
The technology takes the experience of online shopping and takes it to a whole new level, and Audi is one company who are certainly leading the way in the digital retail revolution.


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