Why Real Online Privacy Is Impossible Even With the Best VPN Services

You will hear a lot of talk about “real online privacy” when the discussion of VPN hosting comes up. VPN companies today are not only advertising their services to intranet companies but also to small businesses and individuals who want the ability to surf the net securely. And yes, obviously using a VPN server has its advantages.

When you use a VPN service, you can count on secure surfing because of superior encryption technologies. You can also expect anonymizing software to protect your Internet usage records. Not only does anonymizing software hide your IP address (by creating fake IPs and countries of origin) but it can also help you to access banned sites.

The question now is, if you do buy a VPN hosting plan, just how secure are you going to be? Obviously, such Virtual Private Network protection is not going to protect your device from physical theft, or from someone bypassing the lock feature. True, VPN protection means that all data is encrypted, and it’s next to impossible to break through a secured network, even if it’s virtual as opposed to hardwire connected. VPN is powerful software, so much so that it can even make a public WI-FI connection safe. Even basic protection such as proxy servers or Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) are very difficult to break through, and thus can be considered reliable when it comes to VPN hosting.

There is another issue to consider and that is your protection against the company, who may or may not offer true anonymizing software. The truth of the matter is that every VPN company has access to your Internet usage files. Some companies state that they will delete these logs within a few days, or perhaps a month. Others will keep logging records for an indefinite period of time.

Furthermore, you have to consider just how dedicated the provider is to the local government, who may or may not wish to investigate users. The VPN provider has to be in cooperation with their country of origin. The U.S. is known for being stringent against illegal downloading and requires the assistance of all VPN providers to track down and charge copyright infringing users. Then again, some European VPN providers are not strictly regulated, and thus will only hold Internet usage records for a short time (while also not restricting bandwidth)

So while there is no such thing as 100% security online, VPN protection is the best option you can get.

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