Using Video to Build Traffic

It is no surprise the visual media helps direct traffic to your blog post and site. Images, infographics, and video not only make your posts look better, but it also keeps people on your site longer, video being the best of these tools. An entertaining short video can really grab attention and keep viewers on your site, hopefully getting the to look at older material as well. There is another way you can utilize video as well. By creating unique material, or by applying proper tags to the video, you can utilize this to raise your search rankings. If you can properly utilize video content, it can do wonders for your SEO and social media efforts.

Sharing Video

The first way to utilize video to direct traffic to your blog is by sharing content that has already been made. When you embed videos on your site that already have a viral appeal and share it as a part of a blog post, you already have material that people want; the video. So if you can add any kind of commentary or article the complements the video, and vice versa, then you can really gain good traffic to your site. Search engines also like web pages that incorporate rich media, so having video embeds will give your site a boost. So all of the potential traffic, paired with the SEO benefits, can really give you a lift by utilizing already produced material.

Producing Original Content

To begin with, creating your own videos does not require a ton of investment. You can get a good quality camera and editing software with not a lot of overhead. What can be difficult though, is finding the proper material to make a video for your company, unless you want to produce “non-branded” material (like funny videos, etc.). To follow the mantra, form needs to follow function. The video is the form, but you have to find the purpose in the message first. For instance, if you need to do a tutorial for a product, videos are great ways to get your message across. Software screenshot tutorials are perfect examples of this. So once you find a proper message for video, you then create the video, and then comes the sharing.

What is important when it comes to sharing content is to make sure that your content is properly tagged in the meta data. You can use your video title and description as places for keyword targeting, but you don’t want to target for too many keywords. To get the maximum benefits, you will want to host the video yourself so if the video gets shared, it’s like your link being passed around, but on a bigger level because it’s rich media as mentioned before. If you don’t have the ability to self host, then you will want a custom embed code that will include your link. That way even if you don’t have hosting abilities for video, you can you outside resources to help. Of course when it comes down to it, much like with other material on the internet, your content is key.

Video Podcasts

For video podcasts, a lot of the SEO strategies are a little different, because most podcasts don’t go viral. One thing that you have to really focus on though is material. If you can find a way to consistently make unique, quality content then you can get consistent traffic as well. What makes this difficult is that most video podcasts have to be regularly scheduled, so you have to make sure you have the time to produce this material. The material doesn’t have to be too mind blowing, but you have to have something that your audiences will want to come back for.

So these are the basics to use video for SEO and traffic purposes. You have to focus, above all else, on making great content. The tricks to get your SEO attempts are important because you want to get the link juice for your material, but nothing will get shared if it’s uninteresting. Rich media like videos will always help getting traffic to your sites, whether you create it or not, but you have to make sure you use it correctly. You can’t focus on using video for the sake of using video; it has to have purpose. So when you’re ready to start utilizing video, give it some thought, take you time, and have fun with it.

Peter Margolis is a media and SEO professional that writes for Direct2TV. He is often writes about content creation, and focuses on photography and video.


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