The Social Scandal: Make your Business Loud and Clear

Summary: Today’s day and age has brought upon us a scenario where in people rely heavily on the social network for a lot of things. This is why it is becoming a popular medium of business promotion amongst business owners. This article aims at helping you identify how you can use social media features in your site for a better growth in business.
Social Media today is experiencing a never before kind of a rise. As the lives of people continue to become hectic and fast, more and more people rely on the social network to help them stay connected throughout.
In today’s day and age, being able to connect with a huge audience base is nothing short of an entrepreneur’s dream. Everyone wishes to be able to get hold of a larger population in order to showcase their products.
Social Media gives a chance to do exactly that. Not only can you, as a business owner, appeal to the senses of your customers, but you can also reach out to the masses in the form of reviews and testimonials, encouraging more and more people to buy your services and products.
When creating your website, you must ensure that if you can make it a riot in the popular social networking forums then the possibility of people lunging for your products increases manifold. I mean, the more traffic that gets to see your site, the more chances of sales there will be, simple math!
This is why, while creating your site, you must keep the following things in mind:

Share and Care
Ensure that your site has all the sharing options. Today there are various different platforms for social media. Now, based on the kind of site you have, you must decide the frequency of occurrence of the website. 
Say for example, if you have an eCommerce site, you might want to put a little share button on each product description page. That way, you will ensure that if one buyer wants to share the product details with someone he can do that easily. Putting it on each description page makes it easier for the user to share particular products.
On the other hand, if you have a simple blog, then you might want to keep a share button at the end of each article or the images you have used on them. Now, most people don’t give the share option on the images, but trust me, that goes a long way in making the site popular.

Don’t irritate the user
It's nice to let your user know that he can share the content, but it is a terrible idea to banter him about it. I mean I have seen websites where this stupid share thing just keeps on flashing incessantly. I want to rip my screen apart when that happens.
Don’t be that person. Let your user know that you have enabled a share feature ‘for his assistance’. Ensure that it doesn’t look like you are begging for him to spread the word about your website. It looks terribly greedy, not to mention how completely uncomfortable it gets to read the information.

Show Stats
Now this one actually works. Not that I am a fan of this kind of an approach, but I have noticed that in most cases, if you let the reader know that any number of people have liked or shared the article or product (or just whatever), the chances for other people to like it increases as well. 
You know, the whole sheep mentality thing, but this time working in our favour. Ensure that at least you like your product and article and people in and around your circle too. That will keep you dynamic and not dead in terms of the internet population.
However, remember no one has to trick anyone into doing anything. What I am saying if you are writing an article about constructing steel pipes for gasoline (I don’t know if that even exists, just an example), please don’t force your wife who is a middle school teacher to ‘like’ it just so you can increase count. Please ask people with a certain degree of knowledge in the same field to like or share your work if you want credibility.

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