Five of The Least Popular Features of Windows 8

No doubt, laptop batteries are very essential to every one of our laptop devices.

This is because they provide a temporary alternative source of power. The latest technological inventions however, have brought with them both good and bad features. For instance, the latest models of laptops have more powerful and extended battery strength in comparison with older machines. At the same time unfortunately, their new features and high performance quickly consume power making the battery charge to finish faster than it is anticipated.

However, all is not lost. There are a number of tactics which when employed can assist to extend the battery life.

●Choose to hibernate instead of the sleep option

When the sleep option is selected, the laptop does not power off. Instead, it just turns off the display but everything else will be running in the background. This practice consumes a lot of battery charge without your knowledge. However, when you select the hibernate option, the computer saves all the active tasks running to memory and shuts down completely. Turning it back on, the computer boots and restores all your work which was previously running.

● Close all apps that are accessing the internet in the background

There are those times when you are using your laptop for non-internet purposes such as watching a video or performing other offline operations. During these times, it is advisable that you disconnect and close all applications that try to access the internet. These are mostly updater software and messaging. So for such things as Skype, make sure you close all of them to ensure minimal use of the battery charge.

● Unplug USB devices not in use

USB devices such as the mouse and flash discs should be removed when not in use .When USB devices are connected to the laptop, they are consuming battery power by registering themselves with the operating system. This list includes modems, Compact Disks and Speakers.

● Reduce the brightness of the screen

This is quite an obvious fact. Of importance to note here is that full screen brightness has negative effect overtime to the eyes of an individual. Modern laptops have power plans where immediately the laptop is unplugged from power, its brightness automatically diminishes. It brightens up when plugged in. Always ensure to select such plans or better still, customize yours to fit your level of desired brightness.

● Scheduled tasks should not be performed while on battery

Scheduled tasks means activities such as virus scanning or some other kind of updating which automatically runs in the background. These applications consume a lot of power and contribute immensely to decrease in its charge.

There are even more tips to boost your battery life. However, the first few ways to increase your battery life is by adhering to the above mentioned methods. Utmost care and discipline is required here. For example, it is wrong to leave the computer on overnight when no one is using it. Shutting down the laptop is ideal and will most definitely go a long way to increase battery life.


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