10 Must Have Apps For Students

Students just starting their new courses, or coming back from the start of the new academic year, should think about downloading apps that can make work easier, and time easier to manage. Having apps running on laptops, smartphones, and tablets can mean that students can organise their courseload, and can ensure that they don’t end up missing classes. At the same time, some of the best apps for students provide access to great local deals, and offer mobile specific apps for popular websites like Wikipedia. These apps, listed in no particular order, can be found below:

1 - iStudiez Pro

A great way of organising a schedule, iStudiesz Pro brings together different dates, tasks, and other deadlines into a single program that can be synced up with multiple devices. The program also works with iCal on Macs to notify students about upcoming deadlines.

2 - Wordflex Touch Dictionary

A paid app, Wordflex is a useful way of checking words and their meanings beyond a standard dictionary. Wordflex offers multiple synonyms and contexts for different words, and represents an invaluable tool for writing essays.

3 - Evernote

One of the most efficient apps on the market, Evernote is ideal for students that want to keep on top of their notes. Evernotes allows users to make realtime notes, which can be combined with images, video, and sound files to provide a detailed record of classes, reading, and anything else important that might crop up during the day.

4 - StayFocused

A time checker app, StayFocused will automatically limit the amount of time that someone spends on a website. Once that limit is hit, StayFocused blocks access to sites like Facebook to ensure that students can focus on their work.

5 - Local University Apps

Many colleges and universities have created their own in house apps, which are free to use, and include news, course information, campus maps, and all of the useful information typically carried on an official website.

6 - NUS Extra App

Used for getting discounts, the NUS Extra App notifies users of upcoming and existing deals, and can be an easy way to search for local bargains when shopping.

7 - Alarm Clock Extreme

A free app that develops the potential of a normal alarm clock, Alarm Clock Extreme has different snooze settings, including ones that force users to solve a maths problem before they can shut it off.

8 - WikiDroid

A mobile optimised version of Wikipedia, WikiDroid offers all of the same features, and can also be used for voice searching. Speeds up the process of searching for information in a hurry.

9 - Studious

Another time management app, Studios collects notes, breaks down time tables, organises homework, and provides reminders over deadlines. Like iStudiez, Studious is compatible with different devices.

10 - Byword

A word processing app, Byword represents an easy way to write essays on the go. Work is uploaded to cloud storage devices, with the app exporting documents in different formats. Apps like Byword are consequently excellent for taking more detailed notes in classes, and for writing drafts of essays.

Author Bio: Liam Ohm is a regular technology writer. He highly recommends Lansdowne College London for a great way to further your education.


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