Why Apple decided to Replace Google Maps with its own Maps application?

No matter how much we propagate the values of a peace for the well being of our beautiful world and its inhabitants, war has been and will remain a fundamental part of our life. However the connotation of the word has undergone a dynamic change with time and in the present scenario it can be equated with the much moderate term competition, which is an intrinsic character of most, if not all human beings. Well, this is even true for the two not notch computing companies in the world at present that is Apple and Google. In an urge to expand their market and create domination on the future market both have entered in an out and out warfare trying to pose a tough challenge by every possible means.

Even in the context of Maps application which is regularly used by a large number of iPhone consumers a head to head competition has started which has forced the Apple users to replace Google maps from their phone with their own mapping technology.
Here are some reasons which have forced Apple to take such a call:

Mobile apps: the latest war zone

Until recently, Google and Apple had a tie up with each other as far as the mapping application of the mobile are concerned, thus having a symbiotic relation which was beneficial for both the parties. However, this relationship did not last long due to the two MNC’s ambition to dominate the computing industry of the whole world. Apple has taken up the initiative to develop its own map apps so that it can give Google its staunch competitor a serious challenge in this genre.

Fight over the launch of new Smartphone

The decision to replace Google maps was definitely not taken by the entrepreneurs of Apple in a fortnight. Though they have been thinking about this from a long time, but the ultimate stimulus was given after the launch of the latest range of Smartphone, which is powered by Android rooting developed by Google. This particular range of Smartphones based on Google’s technology has been able to capture the market and thus causing a huge loss of the formers products. Thus the decision for the quick replacement of Google maps was not baseless but a well thought out business strategy.

Declaration of a cold war against Smartphone

Smartphone are the sole and the most serious competitor of iPhones. The technologies behind these two phones as well as the applications available are quite similar. Therefore, consumers looking for this genre of phone have to choose between these options available. Therefore, Apple is making an earnest effort to provide its consumers with much more value added as well as attractive features that will draw more clients.

Thus replacing the Google map was the most practical step as the rooting of the Android phones are based on Google’s technology. So by diverting consumers from the Smartphone, Apple is actually posing a serious challenge to the market of Google. Google is surely going to lose a lot of remuneration, with the much more attractive features on their range of iPhones.

War over revenue

The Google ads which are an integral part of the Google maps and other applications that are developed by Google are estimated to contribute to a large part of the total revenue that is earned by this MNC. Apple is all set to give Google a tough challenge in this regard as well by replacing Google maps with its exclusive map engine which would definitely result in a huge loss in the annual remuneration of Google.

Thus top two players in the computing market are trying their best to capture the market by applying all the powers and intelligence that they have in their own favor. Both of them are simply the best in their respective genres and so this power play was inevitable.  


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