What are the 10 Most Useful Apps for the iPhone?

Now that you have the iPhone, the definitive mobile device that keeps you connected and one step ahead in technology, you may be wondering what else the system does besides make VIP phone calls.  Here are 10 applications that will help you customize a mobile office and have you ready for work, play and instant communication.  

  1. The PayPal App / Square
Now you can accept online payments or make online payments from any location.  These two apps allow you to gain access to online accounts, or in the case of Square, you can actually accept credit card payments on your iPhone directly.  

  1. Expensify

Why leave it all in the shelves?  With the Expensify app, you can scan your receipts and track your expenses automatically.  

  1. MapQuest 4 Mobile / Trapster
The MapQuest 4 Mobile allows you track your physical location in real time, as you can get free voice guided turn-by-turn navigation.  Trapster is a nice companion app, as this one helps to alert you to approaching traffic, traffic speed and even accidents up ahead.

  1. Wi-Fi Finder
The Wi-Fi Finder is a great convenience just in case you find yourself at a hotel, a library or a public place.  This app actually finds free hotspots automatically and informs you of when you can be taking advantage of free service.

  1. Dragon Go!
Why waste time typing when you can say what you want and have a virtual secretary document all your transcription?  This app makes it easy thanks to voice recognition software.

  1. Adobe Photoshop Express
The only thing, in theory, that you couldn’t do on a portable system is adjust and edit pictures, right?  That seems to be so, until you consider that you can actually get an Adobe Photoshop Express app, which lets you edit, rotate, crop and adjust saturation—all from your mobile device.  

  1. Wikipanion
Need to get information on a popular or obscure subject for work?  (Or just to win an argument?)  The Wikipanion app lets you search and browse Wikipedia quickly and without excessive loading times.

  1. FourSquare
FourSquare offers you the chance to share your favorite spots in town with best friends and family, and let them know where you have been in real time.  

  1. DropBox
Now you can access or even share files with co-workers or acquaintances with this cloud system, made easy with DropBox’s iOS interface.

  1. CamScanner
You don’t need a scanner, when you have a portable digital scanning device!  The CamScanner app makes scanning documents and saving them to your iPod a cinch.

These 10 apps can make your iPhone into a miniature office, waterfall not included.  (Although maybe there’s an app for that?)


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