Next level of gaming with NINTENDO 3DS XL

Nintendo has extended it s Gaming experience with amazing new 3DS console where you can connect to your friends and Nintendo community with much bigger screen of 4.8 inches and super cool features. Nintendo has modified hardware in order to increase performance, improved battery life offers around three to six and a half hours of game play from 3DS. built-in microphone lets you record sound clips with 12 sound filters to modify your voice.The device keeps track of all your activities , the games played and even physical activity while playing games. 

Have a look at awesome features:

  • 3D without glasses,
  • Video capture in 3D
  • Choose your comfort level with 3D slider
  •  touch screen to get best hands on gaming, 
  • home button to begin your adventure, 
  • circle pad to precision movements
  • Easy to put yourself in games by using your own picture with the help of application Mii maker.
  • Nintendo offers 1 internal and 2 outer camera application. 
  • Take photos of friends, family and your best memories in whole new dimension.
  • Nintendo 3DS system can wirelessly exchange game data with streepass feature
  • Send/Receive data with Nintendo 3D spot pass

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