Android Apps makes Smartphones more valuable

The era of smart phones have begun since a very few years and the participation worldwide into this has been very large and satisfying for all the involved companies. Now smart phones are also coming up with various platforms and the most common one which is now a rage in many markets all around is the android OS which is very famously known for its wide range of applications which push the phone further and make it very useful for the user beyond the user’s expectation.

Applications are probably the best part of having an android phone as one gets the access to the android market which has an application for everybody. Some applications are for free while for the other one may have to pay but it is simply one of the main reasons why people are taking up android phones.

The range for which one can make use of an android app or may device a new android app themselves varies very widely and the variations can be seen when one will check out what all is available on the android market. Let’s take a look at the most commonly used android apps for the camera. The first in this class is the one which renders the camera of the phone to start functioning in the dark.

Yes this application allows the user to take pictures in darkness and it is not the flash which plays the magic here. The limitation is that so far the apps for this purpose have been made only for the primary camera and none for the secondary. There are many other apps which allow one to take pictures, edit them with cool effects and upload them instantly on networking sites.

Then there are other applications which allow one to control their phone online through a browser. One can access the media as well as the contacts of the phone through a browser and the best part is that one can also send texts without accessing the phone. Let’s not forget the games as the gamer in us gets excited with each game that pops up in a certain genre.
The latest is the worldwide craze for angry birds which has caught up with people of all ages. Many of these games are free on the android market and can be quite a pleasure to go on and on. It is believed that the battery drains out very quickly but when one gets in the gaming sessions the thought for battery drain just escapes the mind.

Online communications took giant leaps by the instant messenger apps and such other chat on apps, and let’s not forget the Facebook on android features, which have brought the world closer. Then there are various other applications which can be used in daily life as the barcode scanner which can be used in case the scanner does not respond, an image scanner, various attractive to do lists, online document editing apps and much more which have made life very easy and allowing people to get smarter with each android app.


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