3 tips you need in enhancing your laptop battery life span

As we all know that it is a battery system that keeps the computer going when out of electrical power, it is then more important to know that a laptop that goes off immediately as there is no more electrical power is nothing but a portable desktop. In this sense, I mean if a laptop has a bad battery system then the user is at the risk of losing any unsaved file or data immediately there is loss of power, if this is your case why then do you still use your laptop and not a desktop. On the other hand if this is not your case then you are lucky as the three tips you will see below will help and guide you through managing your battery system and increasing its predestined life span.

System Performances: This tip helps you know and understand that the type of performance you use for your laptop can reduce and also increase the life span of your laptop computer. Now to the main point, I will tell you that the type of performance you use has a great effect on your laptop. On many laptops if not all there are two types of system performance which include the “Balanced” and the “High Performance”. Choosing the high performance for your computer system can only mean two things of which I myself have experienced, they are, you want to see your system perform in high spirit and that you want to drain your battery life span (which is not advisable). On the other hand, choosing the balanced performance which is usually recommended by most computers helps you to run applications and programs in a moderate speed and also enhances the computer battery’s life span.


Minimize programs: This is also a useful tip that can help you maintain and increase your laptop’s battery life span. This tip only and yet indicates that programs on a laptop system can drain the battery’s life span. This tip is useful to all readers only if they can abide. By the word “minimize programs” I mean so many things but will explain some. Mainly, programs on the computer system have a speculated amount of memory they use but in cases whereby this memory is not available take up more than enough part of the battery system which may cause damage to the batteries life span. The solution to this is for you to close irrelevant programs and programs that are not needed at the particular time. In addition to this, to extend your system’s battery life span you need to minimize tabs and programs which you use depending on the memory you have on your laptop computer.
    Mode of Switching off: Finally, I would tell you that the way you switch of your computer and the mode of switching off you use could harm your laptop’s battery. Many are times when user will switch off their computer using the sleep mode, I only wonder what they will do if they know the effects of doing that. Not beating around the bush, I would like to advice and inform users that hibernating your laptop system when you have important files you don’t want to lose is the best mode you can choose to switch it off. Moreover it is also advisable to shut the system down when you have no file to lose by doing that.
   In conclusion many actions carried out on a laptop computer can harm the battery system instead of any other part. It would then be advisable to follow these tips given to you and stop any action that can harm your computer system.  


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