How to create Database Backup Job on SQL Server 2008

Creating database backup job is very simple, this will create scheduled database backup at at specified time and path. Just follow below simple steps.

Step 1: 

Connect to SQL and go to Management then Maintenance Plan as shown below. 
Right click on Maintenance Plan and select New Maintenance Plan.

Step 2: 

Name your Maintenance Plan
Step 3: 

Select sub plan to schedule the backup

Step 4: 

In the toolbox under Maintenance plan Tasks, double click on Back Up Database Task.
This will bring this object on to the right side pane, right click and edit 
Step 5: 

Select your database for backup then select radio button "Back up database across one or more files:". Click on Add button and select backup path. At the very end of path give a file name as "mybackup@12.bak" 

Once done you must see Job created as shown below:
Let me know if you face any problem during settings


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