5 Ways a Mobile Phone Monitoring Program Can End Employee Theft:

If you think employee theft is a minor issue, think again. Almost 30% of the employees are stealing from the workplace in one way or anotherr. Yes, despite huge investment in security systems, companies still face the daunting task of controlling theft. Companies that have provided their employees with mobile phones have an advantage now, thanks to the new mobile phone monitoring programs. Let us have a look at common thefts at work and how mobile phone monitoring programs can help eliminate them:

1.Theft of Time:
Companies pay their employees for their time and skill. If your employees start stealing their time (use time for personal work and pleasure), they increase your costs of doing business. If you have the program installed on their mobile phones, you will be able to see the applications or games they use, the call durations, number of messages, the type of internet browsing, and their corporate email account.

2.Theft of Information:
Theft of information is more sinister than you can imagine. Your product design, project bid, or service mix might just end in the hands of your competitors. Financial information, product specs, or even meeting venues can say a lot about your strategic positioning in the market. You can monitor the phones of your employees with access to sensitive information. You can even see deleted messages they have sent out.

3.Theft of Supplies:
Office supplies (even pens) are also exposed to the theft. Generally this type of theft is done by employees who are authorized to issue office supplies. Since the theft must be in bulk to be of any benefit to perpetrator, you can monitor his or her call logs, messages, and contact list for such possibility.

4.Theft of Inventory:
No one hardly thinks about inventory items and product displays once the trade fair is over or once the display serves the purpose. Hence this particular theft remains unidentified mostly. However, if you are using the right software, you are able to trace and bust warehouse and inventory theft.

5.Overcharging the Customer:
This one is really dangerous as it directly affects your relationship with the customers. The perpetrator of theft over-charges your customers and pockets the difference. It is like saying, “Thank you for being over loyal customer. We will charge you additional bucks for this favor”. This type of programs feature an environment audio stream or conversation hearing. Use it wisely to find out this particular theft in your company.

Theft is one important issue that you can not simply ignore and live happily. If not controlled, the menace can bring down your business in days. So act today and secure your tomorrow.


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