Optimize YouTube Videos for Small Business - Best Practices

Promoting a small business involves more than taking out ads in the newspaper. You have to be a master of social networking, as well as maintaining an updated website. For some, online stores are just as big a money maker as real locations. Many times, online inventory brings in more revenue than any physical location.

Having fresh, genuine content is important for your business website. One thing you may not know yet is the importance of VSEO - Video Search Engine Optimization. VSEO is defined as the optimization of video content for search engine traffic. The goal is to have your video content appear in video search engines, as well as in organic search results (Google, Bing, etc.).

Break into Video SEO quickly by mastering YouTube, the most used video upload site. YouTube lets users send personal messages to fans, show off new products to customers, or teach viewers how to perform tasks using items that the uploaders sell. There are several ways to create and share your content properly, here are some best practices for optimizing your small business YouTube video content:

1. Build Content Related To Your Product / Service

If you run a pet grooming boutique, you wouldn't create a video on wine tasting. The content you upload and share via YouTube should be related to whatever you're marketing. Bicycle repair shops can benefit by posting videos of customers riding on one of their bikes. Antique store owners can share video talking about a special collectible, including information of where the item originated, and how much it's worth - both in cost and the nostalgic value it can bring to a new owner.

“How To” videos are probably the best way to bring in search traffic. Again, if you own a bicycle shop, include videos on how to make simple repairs. Include contact information, and inform viewers they can visit your local shop for additional maintenance.

2. Be Descriptive

Youtube allows users to add detailed descriptions to each video. Take a moment to write a few sentences, an overview of what your video will feature. Include tags related to the content: i.e.: “Wine” “Food” “Merlot” if you are a wine boutique owner sharing a video on how to properly taste red wine.

3. Make It Accessible

People view online video content 'on the go' more than ever. Music lovers check out their favorite artists on an iPhone. A man staining his deck might watch an instructional video on his iPad before making an attempt. YouTube makes it easy for site users to watch videos on iPads, Android Phones, even on an iPod. There are also several free YouTube Converter and Downloader programs on the web. These fully licensed applications can download streaming video while preserving both image and audio quality. YouTube Downloaders will even convert files, allowing users to play them back on just about any device.

4. Get Involved With Comments

Those watching your YouTube Videos can comment, but don't just let these build up - get involved. Reply to questions, thank others for positive comments, and try to turn anything negative into a positive by addressing it directly, in a professional manner.

5. Sharing Is Caring

If your online business or local shop is not already involved with social media, get on it! Creating a Facebook Business page, Google+ page, or Twitter account is not only simple (and free), it's a great way to address your customers. It's the easiest way to bring in new clientele, and will show up on search results. Much like a small business website, keep social content professional and up to date.


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