Most popular bug trackers

For any organization that deals with software development and maintenance of their software products, the problem of organizing correct working processes is very acute. Bug tracking is probably one of the most important issues in software development that ensures the quality of the final product and customers’ satisfaction.
What is bug tracking? Bug tracking is a process of bug defining, describing, fixing, and checking this fixation, in other words, it’s a process of tracking bugs during the whole development life cycle. A bug tracking system is a special program based on using databases that tracks and monitors all the stages of a bug lifecycle: from defining to the moment of its retrieval.
The development of any software starts with choosing a bug tracking program but, having little or no experience of working with such systems, it can rather difficult. I’d like to make a review of most common bug tracking systems with a short description of their options, which can be used for further searches. 

1. Mantis BT ( ) is a rather universal bug tracking system. It doesn’t have evident orientation on software development and can be used practically for any sphere of activity. For the same reason, it is not integrated with VCS. The visualization is rather poor and the system doesn’t support graphs.
2. Trac ( ) is a bug tracking program oriented exclusively on software development, having a number of useful functions for this – built-in wiki and integration with VCS. Since it’s an old program, it has some problems with scalability and doesn’t have many of the new features, such as, for example, Agile.
3. Redmine ( ), written on the Ruby on Rails, is a representative of a new generation. It is integrated with VCS (svn, git, Darcs, cvs, Mercurial, Bazaar), supports wiki, Gantt charts, Agile, and various plug-ins as well as is remarkable by its nice and user-friendly interface. Probably, it is one of the best open source bug trackers at present.
4. BugZilla ( ) is probably a real dinosaur among other bag tracking solutions: no innovation features, no user-friendly interface, no convenience for users. BugZilla has only the most important options, a so-called Spartan set. I wouldn’t recommend it for new complicated projects.
5. Comindware Tracker ( ) is a corporate solution for effective tracking and managing daily business processes and tasks (requests, orders, bugs). It’s not an exclusively bug tracking system but this function is provided for in the system. It allows keeping all projects in order. The adjustable monitoring panel presents data in the graphical form for convenient generation of reports and process analysis.
6. JIRA ( ) is a paid bug tracker with very wide functional and a closed code. I have included it in this list just because the license for 10 users costs only $10, which makes it practically free. The functional of JIRA is very impressive as well as the list of its clients. 
Of course, the list is not complete and you can find some other bug tracking systems on the Internet. My aim was to give you a starting point for your searching. Good luck!


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