Oracle rejects Google Offer: A Java patent case

An old story of two giants of Information Technology industry are fighting hard to prove themselves clean.

Oracle filed a case against  Google in 2011 for infringing on Java-related patents and technology used on the Android mobile operating system.

Android most written in Java  programming language,and is extensively used with smart phone handset. Java was developed by Sun Microsystems and was later taken over by Oracle Inc. Prior to this Java was an open source software.Google generates its revenue from Android through advertisements it displays on the system.

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Now an offered made by Google to pay Oracle a percentage of the revenue from its Android mobile operating system, only if the verdict in the patent infringement suit goes against the search giant.

An offer roughly $2.8 million has rejected by Oracle stating its too low for the two patents remaining in case, according to a court filing late on Tuesday.

Future proposal:

1) Google would be paying Oracle 0.5 per cent of Android revenue on one patent until it expires this December.

2)0.015 per cent on a second patent until it expires in April 2018.


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