Hardware Spying Tools that Augment Spying Software

We are fully aware and know quite well that spying tools nowadays are often in the form of software. It's a lot more convenient that way, because you don't have to carry anything, does not have to be limited to a single unit, and can be used to exploit the ubiquity of computers today. In a sense, spying today no longer has the implied meaning of having to use hardware gadgets…

But is it indeed?

Have we really outgrown in terms of technology the classic 20th century method of using a gadget to snoop vital information from a person? We at the very least do not believe this, because there are actually a few hardware spying tools today that can be used to augment computer monitoring software.

Hardware Keyloggers

One of the most classic spying gadgets even before the official arrival of computer monitoring software, hardware keyloggers enable would-be spies to know every single key that the unit has pressed for the entire service lifetime of the unit. Think of it as the hardware version of the keylogging feature of a standard computer monitoring software program, only this time it doesn’t use complex algorithms, but only relies on the manual key tracking. The advantage of this device is that it does not require an official installation to work. It does not even need to be connected to the computer itself, and just needs to intercept key usage data before it is received by the computer.

USB-powered Pocket Spying Kits

Who says that computer monitoring software always needs to be installed on computers before being used? With a simple slide on that USB port, these pocket spying kits are ready to snoop on any available information that they might get from the attached unit. They work exactly like regular computer monitoring software. The only difference is that they do not have to embed itself within system to work.

In this regard, we could consider USB-powered pocket spying kits as more advantageous than fully-installed software, because it is independent of the specifications and system settings of the connected unit.

USB-Powered Recording Devices

A small side step to the function of the USB-powered pocket spying kits, a USB-powered recording device instead only uses the energy given by the USB port to power a small video or audio recorder inside. It's not really something that can be completely practical in an office setting, but we still think that it has a few critical uses that some people might want to have.

Besides, don’t you think video or audio data is still a data good enough to be collected for spying or tracking? Just make sure to position it in a way that it doesn't look too suspicious (or plug it at the back if it is an audio recorder).

Remember, tracking usage isn't just technically limited to what has been done to the target computer unit as shown by these spying hardware tools. Didn't we install the computer monitoring software so that we could monitor the person using it in the first place?

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